Did He Die? Guy Unknowingly Picks Fight With Alleged Ex-MMA Fighter At Uhaul Truck — Man Left Unconscious

Unfortunately, a man unknowingly picked a fight with an alleged ex-MMA fighter who was unpacking a Uhaul truck, in the Chinatown district of downtown Boston. It was bad. He might have died.

After extensive research, unfortunately, this might be a newly surfaced video of a Boston case from October 2012. If you're familiar with online videos and how they tend to circulate the web, you also know that just because something is relevant doesn't mean it's recent.

The Uhaul fight video has received tons of views and comments from many people. Barstool Sports offered its take on the MMA-like matter as well. It quotes as follows.

"DO NOT f**k with someone unloading a UHaul. I don't care if it's for work or if they're moving, the task they're partaking in is one of the worst imaginable. They're so angry they could fight a bull. The only thought in someone unloading a UHaul's head is 'I hate my f**king life. I must kill.' That's literally it. So don't f**k with them or you're gonna get knocked out then left in missionary to be f**ked by a van."
And from the looks of the fight video, it's certainly noted "what not to do."

However, there might be a reason why there are no names attached to the video, other than "Uhaul dude" and "MMA fighter." This could be a murder caught-on-tape.

Sure, the shirtless guy might have had a simple knockout coming his way from the Uhaul dude (MMA fighter), courtesy of his behavior. However, if you look at the Uhaul fight video carefully, you'll see that it's more than "just a knockout."

The Uhaul guy (MMA fighter) certainly had the advantage when he took the man off his feet. Yet the Uhaul man (MMA fighter) slammed the younger guy directly on his head, even though it probably wasn't intentional. Nevertheless, that's the sound you heard, not his "body" hitting the ground...but his head. Immediately, the shirtless male was unconscious before the secondary punch happened.

Did He Die - Guy Unknowingly Picks Fight With Alleged Ex-MMA Fighter At Uhaul Truck — Man Left Unconscious - Slam Screenshot
Man gets slammed on his head — smashed between full body weight and solid concrete. [Image via YouTube Screenshot]People were praising the Uhaul man for walking away after the punch and not immorally and cowardly kicking him in the head while he's down. That's understandable. It would show as a sign of a person with a professional fighter's accountability and mindset.

Yet when the video zoomed in to the shirtless guy, he was still breathing. However, it seemed "unnatural." It doesn't show what happened afterwards. You can see the Uhaul fight video below.

Disclaimer: This video contains graphic footage and explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here's where it gets even more interesting. CBS-Boston ran a story in 2012 which looks eerily similar to this Uhaul fight video. The article was short since there was little information available, and from the looks of things, it faded away. Nonetheless, it reads as follows.
"Boston police are investigating the death of a man in his twenties in downtown. Officers found the victim in the area of Franklin and Broad Streets Saturday around 2:15 a.m.

"He was unconscious and appeared to be suffering from a head injury. That victim later died at Mass General Hospital. Police have not identified the victim and they are not sure how he died, though they suspect foul play.

"Tony O'Brien, who works in the area, isn't surprised an altercation may be involved.

"'There's a lot of hot heads out here. So the fights, they happen every weekend,' he said. 'This fight – whatever happened – it just went way too far.'

"Police are asking anyone with information to contact them."

Could the guy in the Uhaul video be the victim from the CBS article? It's possible. However, it's definitely not confirmed. Unfortunately, the Uhaul fight video offers no further information about identifications than does the 2012 article.

Interestingly enough, the intersection of Franklin and Broad is only 0.8 miles from the center of Chinatown, Boston, Massachusetts, says Google Maps. If someone wanted to stash an unconscious, shirtless male away from the actual scene, that's definitely a short drive to make happen, yes?

Or even if the man regained consciousness and walked away, with a head injury like that, his walk wouldn't have lasted long before he was out again, no?

From this perspective, the Uhaul video might not be as entertaining as it was, when thought of as just "quick karma." Unfortunately, the man might have lost his life. And everyone has witnessed the possibility, first-hand. As mentioned, the Uhaul video doesn't show a confirmed death. No name or identifying information was given, too. However, it does make a person think, right?

What are your thoughts about the Uhaul fight video? Do you have a new perspective about the MMA-like situation? Feel free to share in the comments section.

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]