‘Christmas Land’: Hallmark Channel’s Festive Holiday Movie Airs Sunday, Starring Nikki DeLoach, Maureen McCormick, and Luke Macfarlane

Christmas Land is a festive and magical new movie slated to premiere in two days. Still plugging away at their “Countdown to Christmas,” programming event Hallmark has released a slew of incredibly heartwarming movies this season to elevate your holiday spirit. Christmas Land is about a busy businesswoman who finds out that she has inherited a Christmas-themed farm from her deceased grandmother. This holiday feature is directed by Sam Irvin and written by Robin Archer, Jay Cipriani, and Daisy Maclean. The cast stars Nikki Deloach as Jules Cooper, Luke Macfarlane as Tucker Martin, Richard Karn as Mason Richards, and Jason-Shane Scott as Mitchell. Christmas Land offers up one more treat: The Brady Bunch‘s Marcia Brady, also known as Maureen McCormick, who stars as Jules’ beloved grandmother, Glinda, according to the International Business Times.

Hallmark’s Christmas Land Synopsis

Christmas Land follows Jules Cooper, a marketing exec who learns that her dear grandmother, Glinda, has passed away. Not only that, but she is told that her grandmother left her a Christmas tree farm in need of repair. Tucker Martin, the handsome attorney who is overseeing the countryside property, encourages Jules to think long and hard about selling the farm.

Not wanting to deal with it at first, Jules has a change of heart once she lays eyes on the place again, which brings back warm and cozy memories of spending time on the farm with her grandmother as a child. With just the right touch, it’s possible that she can restore the magic back to this Christmas farm once again. First, she must deal with a shrewd businessman named Mason Richards, who wants the charming Christmas-themed village all to himself. Now, Jules must decide whether she wants to go back home to her boyfriend and continue working on her growing career, or if she wants to stay to see how her new budding relationship with Tucker Martin develops.

Filming for Christmas Land took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Producers absolutely love filming there, since Utah is known for its beautiful mountains, picturesque scenes, natural resources, and generous film production tax breaks. Hallmark’s Christmas Land doesn’t skimp on the holiday charm. It has all of the elements of Christmas that viewers look forward to seeing in a movie. You’ll enjoy the powdery white streets, the majestic snow-capped mountains, the dark olive trees, with specks of bright red that peek out in just about every scene.

Its stunning views definitely exude an elegance and charm that makes a Hallmark viewer want to grab a blanket and sit by the fireplace during the movie. Additionally, the writing and the actors deliver an impressive storyline showcasing all that makes the season bright.


Take a look at Christmas Land’s Cast, according to information found at the Hallmark Channel.

Nikki DeLoach

“DeLoach can currently be seen on MTV’s #1 scripted and critically acclaimed show, “Awkward.” She is considered one of television’s “hottest moms” with her portrayal of Lacey Hamilton, the young and well-meaning mother of Jenna, the show’s focus. The series has been praised by fans and critics alike, and has appeared on numerous “Best of TV Lists” including TV Guide’s Hot List, Variety, USA Today, Huffington Post, The New York Times and Time Magazine, to name just a few.”

Luke Macfarlane

“Macfarlane is best known for his role on ABC’s hit television series “Brothers and Sisters.” He is also known for his work on the critically acclaimed Steven Bochco FX series, “Over There” and Macfarlane most recently starred in the CBC mini-series “Iron Road” leading an all-star cast including Peter O’Toole and Sam Neill.() Luke currently stars as one of the leads on the Syfy series “Killjoys” and will soon be seen in the PBS Civil War medical drama, “Mercy Street.”

Don’t miss out on seeing this wonderful movie. Christmas Land airs on Sunday, December 20 at 8/7 p.m. central on the Hallmark Channel. Before you go, read up on our coverage of Mariah Carey’s A Christmas Melody.

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