Paula Deen Cuts Carbs, Drops 30 Lbs. By Not Eating the Kind of Stuff She Cooks on TV

Paula Deen has not had a great year PR wise, when it was revealed that the TV chef-lebrity not only was suffering from Type 2 diabetes, but that she also planned to go public with her diagnosis — a decision nearly universally regarded as in poor taste due to the fact that she concealed her condition and only revealed the lifestyle (and diet) related illness when she was able to financially benefit from it.

That Paula Deen was suffering from diabetes given the style of cooking she advocated was sad but not surprising, but many healthy eating advocates felt that Deen had been disingenuous in claiming for so long that her distinctive style of food was “okay in moderation.”

But that was the start of 2012, and Paula Deen is back — with a slimmer new physique and an admission that she has changed the “architecture” of her meals to lose 30 lbs. and several dress sizes.

And while Deen may have been advocating “moderation” in the past, it seems that it wasn’t what enabled her to shed all that weight. Sure, smaller portions of the crack-like high-fat and high-sugar cuisine Deen was made famous for “sounds” reasonable, but the TV chef says noshing on veggies and essentially cutting out carbs is what did it.

Of her weight loss, Deen explains:

“The architecture of my plate has changed… I double up on greens — whether it’s salad or vegetables — and my carbs are just a spoonful.”

paula deen weight loss

Deen is two-thirds of the way to her goal, and she says:

“I feel a thousand times better… I have more energy. I sleep better. The weight loss has made my health issues better.”

Do you think Paula Deen’s weight loss will inspire people who cook her old recipes to try a different style?