Rihanna Is Giving Away Free Concert Tickets: Here’s What You Need To Know! [Video]

Lucky Rihanna fans have been scoring free concert tickets throughout December, and Rihanna says she’ll continue to give out prizes the rest of the month. The singer is staying mum on her next album, Anti, and to reward fans for their patience, Rihanna sent a few people on a scavenger hunt through New York City.

The International Business Times reports that Rihanna fans in Boston, Dallas, and Chicago flooded social media claiming to have gotten a message through Rihanna’s mobile site, ANTIdiaRy.com. The message told fans to go to an undisclosed location, where they were given Samsung mobile phones. They then received text messages to go on a scavenger hunt in rooms that looked like the rooms on her mobile site that Rihanna unlocks for fans.


When the scavenger hunt was completed, Rihanna fans received a golden key and a note that said “[k]eep this close to you. Soon I’ll tell you what it unlocks.” Along with the note and key was a business card for the Oralia Corporation, which is a private banking and wealth management organization.

When the website Complex reached out to Rihanna to find out when her new album will be released, the site received two of the keys. Later, it was revealed the key unlocked free concert tickets to her upcoming world tour, according to Complex.

Although Rihanna hasn’t said when she plans to release her new album, there’s speculation that it has been delayed and that Rihanna hasn’t recorded all of the songs yet. Although Rihanna gave fans a sneak peak of the album’s cover in November, in an interview with BBC2, songwriter Sia explained that she and Rihanna recently met so RiRi could listen “to half of 25 songs I played her.” According to Sia, Rihanna is “still looking for songs for her new album,” so nobody really has any idea when Anti is coming out.

Sia revealed that Rihanna “took [four] songs,” but she did not know if they will end up on the album. It “was a business meeting for sure,” Sia explained.

Anti will be Rihanna’s eighth studio album, and it has been three years since her last release. According to the International Business Times, the singer is making sure the new album will blow everything away, so she’s being particular about which songs will appear and is being mysterious about the entire process to develop the album.

Rihanna is “unhappy” with how the album has been going, explained her father, Ronald Fenty, so she’s still working on it.

“She’s not comfortable with it,” Fenty said, and since it has “been three years now since her last album,” Rihanna “wants this to blow everything else away.”

Rihanna reportedly found “all these little things she wanted to change” when she listened to all the songs, and “was worried about it,” her father said. “It’s a long process and isn’t easy.”

Although it seems she was set to release Anti, Rihanna pulled back and dropped out of the lineup for the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York last November because she needed to finish work on her album, reports People. Now, it seems she’s pushed back on the release date even more.

Rihanna also reportedly moved the album’s release date because she did not want it to compete with Adele’s 25, which has smashed album sales records. But there’s no feud between Adele and Rihanna. In fact, Adele would love it if Rihanna was in her group of friends.

Adele recently told Rolling Stone that it would be “really cool” if she and Rihanna were friends, explaining that Rihanna is “life itself” and “I love her.”

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