Iron Fist Joins ‘Marvel Heroes’ Alongside Free Team-Ups, Boosts For Two-Week Long Festive Favors Event

Winter comes to Midtown Manhattan, Iron Fist is now part of the roster, and a two-week long event is currently underway. Marvel Heroes players have plenty to enjoy this holiday season with the new character, free gifts, and a festive décor all across the game. Players can log in now for special gifts or unlock Iron Fist mastering his use of Chi as a resource.

According to the official Marvel Heroes website, Iron Fist, also known as Danny Rand, is out for revenge after the death of his parents. Rand trained in martial arts eventually defeating a legendary dragon by ripping into the creature’s chest puncturing its “molten heart.” Players who unlock Iron Fist will start in his Weapon of Agamotto white and yellow suit. However, his iconic green and yellow Classic costume is also available for purchase. Players can read a few details on Iron Fist’s mechanic thanks to the official patch notes.

Iron Fist will be the last hero of the year, but Black Cat is definitely coming soon. She has no release date as of this writing but is part of the 2015 Wave 4 Presale Pack that included Magik and Iron Fist. Players can most likely expect her to release in January. Players can battle her now early on in the story or often as part of the rotation of villains that attack Midtown Manhattan.

Marvel Heroes
The Marvel Heroes store in game [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

The latest Marvel Heroes update added more than Iron Fist, too. The patch kicked off the 14 Days of Festive Favors event that rewards players with a new gift each until the end of the year. Today, players can log in to receive a “Currency Explosion” that includes a number of the game’s currencies. Upon opening, players will find bonus Eternity Splinters, Cube Shards, Hero’s Commendations, A.R.M.O.R. Drives, and Cosmic Worldstones. Players will receive 25 of each currency from the favor.

The full list of goodies given to the players over the next two weeks is available on the official site. On December 19, players definitely need to log in for their free Doctor Doom team-up. The Classic Green version of the team-up is a welcome gift considering the only Doctor Doom team-up currently available in the game is gated behind a fortune card. Favor highlights include a Blue Omega Box, a Mysterious Crimson Box, a holiday Groot team-up, and a number of boosts. On the final day, December 31, players can log in to receive a random hero box.

The 14 days of log in gifts are free, but the in-game store is also home to a few special promotions for the holiday season. A Winter Bonus G sale is now underway, and a Winter Boost Bonanza Sale is also ongoing. The bonus G sale includes 15 percent more Gs included in all of the G bundles. Not to mention, the enormous 28,750 G bundle is back for a limited time. Additionally, the powerful Winter Wonder Boost is back for a limited time alongside a sale on many other uncommon boosts in the Marvel Heroes store. For example, the Eternity Splinter Boost and the Avenger’s Assemble Boost are back right now. Not to mention, there are several boost bundles on sale during the event as well.

Complete A.R.M.O.R. achievements to recieve Howard the Duck as a team-up [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

Marvel Heroes continues to expand with new heroes, new content, and much more each month. The Danger Room is now live with endlessly repeatable content, new rewards, and a reliable way to earn Blue Omega Boxes and Mysterious Crimson Boxes. The 2016 update is also on the way, and although it was scheduled to occur this month, it is now expected in early 2016. This upcoming content includes controller support, updated visuals, a new raid, and much more. As the Inquisitr reported, Marvel Heroes 2016 will also introduce a new story chapter, Steam achievements, and new heroes to play.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]