Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Helps Joe Giudice And Daughters Prep For Her Release

In just a few days, Teresa Giudice will be released from prison and back at home with her family. One person who is helping Joe Giudice and the girls prepare for her arrival is Teresa’s attorney, James Leonard Jr.

On Friday, James tweeted that he spent the night prior with Joe and his daughters to help them get everything ready for Teresa’s release. She will be released on Wednesday, December 23, just in time to spend Christmas with her family.


How will Teresa spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? On Wednesday, Us Weekly reported that Teresa, Joe, and their four daughters will actually spend Christmas Eve at Joe and Melissa Gorga’s house for a traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner. Us Weekly quoted Melissa that she will have her sister-in-law at her house.

“It’s a blessing that everyone will be able to be together.”

In an interview with People last Thursday, Melissa said that she will be hosting dinner on Christmas Eve for the entire family, including the in-laws. She called Teresa being home for Christmas a “blessing.” She also expressed hope for new beginnings and a fresh start.

“I think it’s gonna be a really nice Christmas this year. I just think it’s gonna be a lot of new beginnings, hopefully just a fresh start, especially for [Giudice].”

The big question likely on the minds of many The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans is whether Teresa Giudice’s release and reunion with her family will be captured for the show’s new season. Will viewers see Melissa Gorga’s Christmas Eve dinner, attended by Joe Giudice, Teresa, and their four daughters, on the show’s seventh season?


On Wednesday, E! News reported a source as saying that despite what it may seem, the relationship between the Gorgas and Giudices is still strained, so if they do get together for Christmas Eve, it’s just for the sake of the show.

“If the Gorgas and the Giudices do anything together, it’s because Bravo is asking them to. It is not one big happy family by any means. Make no mistake, Melissa and Teresa still cannot stand each other.”

Yet another source said that reports of Melissa and Teresa not getting along are overblown.

Indeed, on the Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In special that aired in October, Joe Giudice was shown getting along with Melissa and Joe Gorga on family outings. Teresa’s brother even went with Joe to visit Teresa in prison once. While the actual visit with Teresa was not filmed, Joe was later shown breaking down in tears upon recollecting seeing his sister locked up.


The special also showed Melissa, who had a tumultuous relationship with Teresa for years, telling her husband that she would like to visit Teresa and wondering why she hasn’t been approved to do so. Both Teresa’s husband and brother suspected that it was Teresa who wouldn’t approve Melissa to visit her. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Melissa, after the special’s finale aired, tweeted that she “completely understands” Teresa not putting her on the visitors list and not really expecting to be put on it in the first place.

If Teresa Giudice does return for Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it may not just be her relationship with Melissa Gorga that will be a central storyline of the show. It has been widely reported that Teresa’s former friend, Jacqueline Laurita, is filming for the upcoming season as well. E! News reported that Jacqueline has been asked to host a Christmas party this weekend in order to introduce the new cast members. Also, Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile, with whom she has a strained relationship, recently confirmed that she and her family will be seen on the upcoming season.

“Yes, you’ll be seeing my face and my family again on the show,” she replied when asked if she’ll be making an appearance on the new season.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]