Canterbury Archbishop Speaks Out In Support Of Gays

Less than two weeks after Canterbury Archbishop Rowan Williams warned the British government that legalizing same-sex marriages would be a mistake he has now come out in support of gay people.

Speaking to the Telegraph and a group of teens at his personal residence the archbishop admitted that people of the catholic faith need to get over their “disgust” of homosexuality and said England has become “tangled” in the issue of homosexuality. According to Williams:

“What’s frustrating is that we still have Christian people whose feelings about it are so strong, and sometimes so embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted, that just sends out a message of unwelcome, of lack of understanding, of lack of patience,”

The Archbishop of Canterbury then added:

“We’re used to being alongside people who are gay; many of our friends may be—indeed we may be—wrestling with that issue ourselves, and the church is scratching its head and trying to work out where it is on all that.”

Williams’ comments bring up an interesting fact about the church, he notes that its refusal to elect women as bishops and other issues of sex-related debate have led many people to proclaim that all the church is interested in is sex.

In attacking same-sex marriage several weeks ago the church released a statement in which it said same-sex marriage would “alter the intrinsic nature of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, as enshrined in human institutions throughout history.”

Before taking his post as the Archbishop of Canterbury it was believed by many supporters that Rowan Williams would support gay rights, something he has just now begun to accomplish as he ends his final year in service before stepping down.