'Half Chicken Half Cat' Picture Makes Internet Crazy

An image of a "half chicken half cat" beast has sent the internet wild. In fact it has proven to be so popular that it has been viewed over 2.5 million times in the 48 hours since it was uploaded to the world wide web.

However, rather than being the unveiling of a bizarre new animal that would both hypnotize the world with its cuteness while at the same time as freaking people out completely with its walking stance, there is actually a reasonable explanation for the picture.

If you want to see the currently trending picture in all of its glory first though. You can check it out below.

As soon as the picture emerged on the internet users immediately started to insist that the cat was "half-chicken." But rather than being a Frankenstein-esque creation, the feline had just been shaved for surgery and had either just undergone an operation or had just had one. This resulted in the ginger cat having hairless legs while you can see a scar across the animal's backside too.

You can also see that the cat's leg has been prepared for surgery because its front leg is in tape too. The image was originally uploaded to Reddit and Imgur by a user named Edwardwrongtu, who immediately recognized the viral possibilities of the image.

He uploaded the picture alongside the caption of, "My friend's cat had surgery and now he has no pants."

It's believed that Edwardwrongtu originally hails from the United States. But soon people from across the globe were inundating him with comments and responses to the bizarre picture, which left people both completely bemused and baffled.

Commentators then decided that the cat looked just like a half cooked chicken, while others, via the Mirror, labelled it as a "turkey cat," and another user pointed out that it looked just "like a turkey in a cat suit."

One of the most popular comments to the picture came from a Reddit user who joked, "At least he can look professional over Skype so that's good."

The comments then soon started to get even weirder, though, with users insisting that the cat's pose and stare were reminiscent of the famous scene from Titanic that saw Kate Winslet's Rose pose for a nude painting by Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack.

In this scene, she pleads for her doomed romantic interest to, "Paint me like one of your French girls."

While some internet users leapt at the opportunity to make fun of the feline, others were quick to register just how uncomfortable the shaven cat made them.

One user wrote, "It looks like they took random cat pieces and put him together," while another wrote, "His nakedness makes me uncomfortable," before a user asked, "Why am I always surprised that animals have skin under their fur?"

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of the post, we're still none the wiser about why the cat was having surgery, why so much of his fur needed to be shaved, and how his recuperation is going.

[Image via Shutterstock/Seregraff & Shutterstock/TTstudio]