Chris Brown Denies Dissing Exes Rihanna And Karrueche Tran: ‘No Bashing And Definitely Not Hate’

Chris Brown may incorporate experiences from his personal life and past relationships to help inspire his music, but that doesn’t mean Brown is aiming to diss his ex-girlfriends Rihanna and Karrueche Tran on his newly released seventh studio album, Royalty.

Brown’s highly anticipated Royalty album dropped on Friday, December 18 after a nearly one-month delay. However, some fans were able to access several leaked tracks off of Chris’ new album prior to Royalty‘s official release.

One of the leaked songs included the highly anticipated track, “KAE,” which was rumored by many to have been penned about Brown’s former relationship with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran when the tracklist for Royalty appeared online last month.

Not long after “KAE” leaked online, fans began discussing the track’s eyebrow-raising lyrics on social media. While some fans praised Brown for his honesty in regard to his past romance with Karrueche, others criticized Chris Brown for continuing to bash Tran despite expressing his desire to move on from his former relationship with the model.

In “KAE,” Brown sings, “You’re supposed to love, with a love that’s official / Talking all that s***, it don’t mean / F*** around and go missing, oh / And don’t try to make up cause I’m fine / Cause you’re a stranger in my eyes / Stranger in my eyes.”

Given the heated debate over the song’s lyrics, Chris Brown took to Instagram to dispel rumors suggesting that “KAE” is nothing more than a diss track aimed at Karrueche Tran.

On Thursday, The Shade Room posted a photo to their Instagram account asking fans whether or not Chris Brown threw “major shade” at Karrueche Tran in his “KAE” track, prompting Brown to comment on the post directly with his own explanation of the song’s meaning.

“This is not a bashing song,” Chris Brown began his response to those criticizing the track, “People will make and use their own opinion. I’ll give you the opportunity to make your own assumptions. The song is saying that the relationship is no more. I’m expressing the time apart and the space that’s between two people who loved each other. The list of my mistakes are a mile long on my end.”

Chris Brown continues his response by acknowledging that he’s not “bashing” Karrueche Tran in “KAE,” noting that he’s merely “expressing that I’m not familiar with who the other person is anymore at this point in my life. No bashing and definitely not hate. That would be the pot calling the kettle black! My love in general is eternal and unconditional.”

Brown concludes his statement with, “I’m expressing the man I am today the best way I know how, through art and music.”

The news comes just days after Chris Brown was accused of dissing ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s rumored relationship with Travis Scott on Instagram.

On Tuesday, Jas Prince took to Instagram to promote an “official ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Antidote’ certified platinum party” alongside a promotional photo of Travis Scott, prompting Chris Brown to respond to Prince’s post with a “smiling poop emoji.”

While rumors instantly began circulating that Chris Brown was dissing Travis Scott given the rapper’s rumored relationship with Rihanna, Chris Brown shut down the speculation in an Instagram comment telling fans to “chill” while admitting that he’s not concerned with who his exes are dating.

“Y’all gotta chill. Lol. Ain’t nobody worried about the next man or the men after and so on and so forth. #ROYALTY,” The Celebritea reports.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s response to the rumors suggesting that he’s bashing ex-girlfriends Rihanna and Karrueche Tran?

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]