'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam Faces A Difficult Conversation With Ivy, Julius Explodes Over Zende And Nicole's Troubles

What is coming up on Friday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that there is more drama on the way related to Ivy and Steffy, and it may be a while before things truly settle down between these two. Ivy filed a restraining order against Steffy over the electrocution incident, but things became increasingly tense when Steffy violated the order and confronted Ivy. Where are things headed in the December 18 show?

Liam went to talk to Ivy during Thursday's show, and viewers will see more of that conversation during Friday's episode. The two talked a bit about their previous relationship, with Ivy wondering how things would have gone if Steffy had not come back to town.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Liam will be working to focus this conversation on brokering peace between Ivy and Steffy, but it won't be easy. Ivy will continue to talk about how she and Liam had good times together in the past and had been happy as a couple once upon a time.

Considering Ivy's supposed love for Wyatt and attraction to Thomas, this talk may seem to be coming a bit out of left field. Is Ivy really still harboring feelings for her ex, and could those be part of what is driving her to remain so acrimonious toward Steffy? While viewers will have to tune in to see how Liam responds to Ivy's walk down memory lane, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that at least for now, he remains dedicated to his relationship with Steffy.

Viewers watched on Thursday's show as Zende and Nicole threw themselves into a long-awaited and romantic evening. Unfortunately, Zende put a halt to things just as the evening was heating up, and it seems the pregnancy is to blame. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday's show indicate that Nicole will be left feeling quite hurt by Zende's decision to pull away from her.

It will not take long for Nicole's family to notice her subdued demeanor and realize that troubles with Zende are to blame. Julius will be ranting over this, blaming Maya and Rick for putting Nicole in such a difficult position.

Julius has been against this surrogacy idea from the beginning, but viewers might point out that he seems to be forgetting how much he had been pushing Zende to worry about this pregnancy. While many have been against the idea of this surrogacy, Julius most definitely planted seeds of doubt in Zende's head and it looks like now Zende can't quite get past it all.

Can Zende and Nicole repair their relationship and make things work until the baby comes? Many suspect that with Sasha's arrival in town, Nicole may end up feeling betrayed by both her love and her friend, as it certainly is looking like sparks will soon fly for Zende and Sasha.

Where do things head from here? Soap Central teases Bold and Beautiful spoilers that things will remain difficult between Ivy and Steffy for now, and Liam may hit his limit on dealing with it. He is said to take issue with Steffy's treatment of Ivy and many suspect that this engagement may be falling apart soon.

More will come out soon regarding Sasha's big secret while Thomas and Caroline's pregnancy secret is said to become troublesome again soon. It is clear that there is still plenty of drama on the way this month and fans won't want to miss a minute of the drama coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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