Police Catch Thieves Who Stole 9.5 Tons Of Garlic

Thieves in Austria this week were captured by local law enforcement after they stole 9.5 tons of garlic. The men were apparently not hard to find after police sniffing dogs easily picked up on a large scent of the food.

Police throughout the night stopped three vans that had become so overloaded with garlic that they were sagging and riding very low to the ground. The vans were attempting to cross from Austria into Hungary when they were found to be carrying nothing but garlic.

Five men were questioned on suspicion of receiving stolen goods and then charged for their part in the theft.

Austrian police believe the garlic came from Spain and has a street value of $37,500.

One of the arresting officers says it was immediately apparent what the vans were carrying, even before their doors opened.

“All three vehicles really stunk like garlic,” he says.

The names of the men, all believed to be Romanian nationals have not been released in line with Austrian rules and regulations.

It is still unclear how the men managed to walk away with so much garlic at one time.

Is this the strangest item you have ever heard of being stolen?