Former ‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Gets Payday For New Reality Show

Former RHOBH Kim Richards has found another reality payday, this time with daughter Kimberly Jackson. At $75,000 it’s not a Real Housewives salary, but it’s a start to defray some of her legal bills. However, is another reality show the right thing for someone who is trying to regain traction in life? Over the last week, Richards couldn’t attend sister Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party, because Hilton chose to hold it in the place that has banned Richards after her recent arrest.

According to the Inquisitr, Kim Richards has finally put all of her sentencing dates behind her, and she is now on probation while plausibly attending AA meetings. Richards was sentenced for shoplifting at the Van Buys Target, and her deal wrapped up her two arrests with a similar sentence. For now, she is being helped along by Hilton, and has been working to get a new job in television.

RadarOnline is reporting that Kim Richards is personally in dire financial straits, stating that is why Richards took the job for $75,000. She is reportedly being helped by her daughter, Kimberly, who is making 25k from the deal. A family friend said that Richards had no choice because she is broke.

“She’s desperate for money. She has to take anything that comes her way and this reality show seemed like a perfect quick fix. But she’s not really doing that much on the show. She’s been lazy and she complains a lot.”

The focus of the show is therapy; perhaps, Richards will give in and allow the onscreen therapy to help her. According to RadarOnline, that may or may not be the case.

“According to a production source, The Hills star Heidi Montag and Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn are both on with their mothers too, and they are ‘fighting non-stop. They are really going at each other. Heidi’s mom is nuts. Shar Jackson (Kevin Federline’s baby mama) cries a lot. It is going to be great for TV.’”

Is a crazy, stressful television gig the right thing for someone who is newly sober?

Reality Tea says that the focus on the show is healing mother-daughter relationships. Kimberly Jackson is Kim Richards’ youngest daughter, and she has lived through a lifetime of drama. A Hilton family friend said that her sisters discouraged her from doing the show, or involving her kids.

“I’m not sure if digging in deep with her daughter on painful issues for all to see on reality TV is the best way for Kim to keep her sobriety, but hopefully it will help her and not hurt her or send her into a relapse. She definitely could use the money to help support herself since she’s only part time this season on RHOBH, so that likely had a lot to do with her decision.”

It is hard to imagine that this could be the right path to heal a family, but perhaps anything that may get Kim Richards to sit down and reflect upon how she could be a better mother to her children might be a good thing. A production source from the show said it could only be good for them.

“I’m sure Kim and her daughter have plenty to hash out as Kim has battled alcoholism for many years and her girls have likely had to deal with it as they grew up.”


OK! Magazine has revealed that since Kyle Richards cut Kim Richards off financially, sister Kathy Hilton has picked up the slack.

“Though Kim Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton haven’t always been on the best terms, a source speaking to has revealed that Kathy is still offering Kim financial support as she attempts to recover from her substance abuse issues!”

Hopefully, this new reality show will not be the next stop on the hot mess express.

Do you think a reality show is the right place for Kim Richards to get well after Real Housewives?

[Photo by Katy Winn/AP]