Kanye West Is The New Defender Of Kris Jenner's House After Obsessed Fan Breaches Security

Kris Jenner has a new security head who she trusts with the safety of her house, and there will be no prizes for guessing who it is. Why, it is Kanye West of course.

Yes, according to TMZ, the security of Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's home was breached Tuesday afternoon when a stranger strolled into the house despite 24-hour surveillance. Reports suggest that the man, who has not been identified yet, got through the security after posing as part of a crew working on Christmas decorations at the house. The man also reportedly told the security guards stationed at Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills mansion that he had a meeting with Kris, which was apparently enough of a reason for him to be given access to the house.

An insider told the news outlet that the man walked into Kris Jenner's office and addressed her directly. However, she quickly realized that he was not part of the crew and called 911, after which Sheriff's deputies showed up and arrested the intruder.

Understandably, Kris Jenner was livid with the security personnel at her house, where her daughter Kim Kardashian has been staying with hubby Kanye West, along with their 2-year-old girl North West and newborn Saint West, while their house is getting renovated. The insider revealed that Kris was angry at the fact that even 24-hour surveillance and intense cross-checking processes had not been able to deter the man from entering the premises of her house.

In the aftermath of incident, Kris Jenner fired her entire security detail, reports Perez Hilton. Not altogether surprising considering Kris Jenner's grandkids -- both North and Saint -- were present at the house at the time of the intrusion. Kim Kardashian, who has reportedly been suffering from postpartum depression, was also present at the house.

Kanye West was equally furious that his family was put at risk, and he has already taken the initiative to place a better security infrastructure at his celebrity mother-in-law's house. According to the Daily Mail, West has asked his own security team -- comprising completely of off-duty police officers -- to take care of his family until the whole thing is sorted out. Sources reveal that this is only a temporary arrangement until Kris Jenner can find a security team she trusts.

Police revealed that the intruder had taken a bus all the way from Texas to meet Kim Kardashian, somebody he has reportedly been obsessed with. Although no charges have been pressed against the intruder so far, cops said the man was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric hold. It is believed he could be suffering from some sort of infatuation. We can only imagine how disorienting that might be for Kanye West.

Meanwhile, as troubling as the intruder's entry into the house might have been, it has not managed to dampen the Christmas spirits of the Kardashians. Kris Jenner posted a photo of herself in front of her annual Christmas tree yesterday on Instagram dressed in a jumpsuit and appearing cheerful.

Kris Jenner on Instagram
It appears the intrusion at Kris Jenner's house could hardly dampen the Christmas spirit of the Kardashians. [Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram]

Having said that, Kanye West is not taking the whole thing lightly and has swiftly moved to protect Hidden Hills against any future intrusions. He will personally look over the security proceedings -- albeit only for a while. And that is as much an ever-doting husband and son-in-law could do to protect his loved ones. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner ought to be proud of that.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]