New Preview for ‘Fuller House’ Released As More Spoilers Revealed

It is getting so much closer to the release of the new show Fuller House, which is coming to Netflix. Viewers can’t wait for Fuller House to start and now a new teaser is out that is full of spoilers, even though it doesn’t show much of Fuller House just yet. Yahoo shared that the preview and premiere date are finally here. The one thing that Fuller House fans seem to be the most excited about is that in this preview clip there is a dog that looks just like Comet! Obviously, Comet from Full House should be long gone, but somehow they found a way to bring on a puppy that looks just like him.

The preview for Fuller House starts out just like the original show did, showing the area that they live. The Tanner girls are back in the original house from Full House and living their own lives now as adults. In the background, you hear the perfect song from Miranda Lambert called The House That Built Me. Then the big reveal is out that you can watch Fuller House on Netflix only starting on February 26. In just a bit over two months, the Tanners will be back in your home once again.

You can hear all of your Full House favorites as they are outside moving into the home once again. DJ Tanner is moving back in with her sister Stephanie. John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse on Fuller House, is also heard outside helping the girls to move back into the home that they grew up in so many years ago. Next you hear Joey outside the house along with the voices of children. Aunt Becky is heard next outside the house as they try to find the keys to get in and the puppy is so excited waiting on them to come into the house. Danny Tanner is inside to welcome them all home once again.

Us Magazine shared that the Fuller House fans are actually going crazy over the fact that a dog like Comet is there. It has already been revealed that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be returning in Fuller House and, of course, everyone assumed that Comet wouldn’t be back, but they found a way with this new puppy, who hopefully turns out to be a child of Comet way down the line.

All over Twitter, everyone is trying to figure out the details of Comet on Fuller House. Of course, now everyone is realizing that the original Comet has to be dead and some are upset about this news as well. There is also a lot of talk about how the dog that played Comet on Full House is actually the same dog that played in Air Bud.

Spoilers for Fuller House share that this show will be starting 21 years after the original show ended. Of course, everyone is all grown up and now the show is about DJ Tanner and her life as a widow raising her sons. Stephanie hasn’t settled down and Kimmy Gibler is divorced, but does have a daughter of her own. When you put Kimmy’s daughter and DJ’s three boys together, fans are going to end up with an amazing show. John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, Scott Weinger, and Blake/Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit have all been seen on the set of Fuller House.

Are you excited about the return of Full House in this new show? Don’t miss Fuller House when it returns to television on Netflix on February 26. This show is one you will want to watch with the entire family.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]