High School Students’ Murder Plot Discovered: Linked To Satanic Rituals

Two high school student girls, 16-years-old and attending Mountain Vista High School, conspired to commit satanic rituals. The lack of information available to the public, via Douglas County law enforcement and the district, has parents in a quandary because their children attended school with the individuals. The parents are demanding to understand the motivations, the targets, etc., but cannot get any of the officials on the case to release the information while the courts determine if the girls should be tried as adults or juveniles, as reported by KKTV’s 11 News. And according to the news video, references of Natural Born Killers and several satanic books by the two suspects were given.

Sargent John David of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado, states last year at Lewis Palmer High School they received a tip about a student bringing a gun to the school. The student was sought out, taken from his class, and investigated discovering he did, in fact, have a gun on the school grounds. The sheriff’s office receives several tips a week concerning threats on their schools. Sargent David declares that any suspicious activity overheard or told about in school should be reported immediately. Identities will be preserved so that lives can be saved. The officer also states how useful it is to have so many eyes staying alert to keep the violence out of the schools.

Unlike the horrifying event of Columbine High School, where numerous students had been made aware of the plot but no one vested an interest, an anonymous tip alerted authorities to the heart-wrenching plans. The plot was to kill particular students and staff members until a program entitled Text-A-Tip took the anonymous call. Text-A-Tip has approximately 40 other calls of this nature this year and confirmed the allegations after researching the credibility of the report. Deemed accurate, authorities made their move.

Safe2Tell is another school violence prevention program. Stationed in Colorado, it has received over 95 plans of attack this year alone. This entity allows students and parents alike to report suspicious activity of a variety. Since its establishment in 2004, 3,601 cases of bullying have been reported, as well as 2,641 potential suicides and 412 planned attacks have been halted at the schools.

Every threat is taken seriously and investigated. Even though there are false reports, every life that’s been saved because of these programs is worth the effort.

As for these two high school girls, one of them went as far as to make an announcement on Tumblr. She will be held without a bail option, and ordered to complete a mental evaluation by the judge. Her return to court is set for January 5.

No other information about the second suspect has yet been released, other than she has been given a sentence for psychiatric care. Denver 7, ABC network shares a point Lori Bronner from Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reveals. “If you see something, say something. If you’re wrong, no harm, no foul.”

After the Sandy Hook school shootings three years ago, Douglas County wanted to ensure the safety of their kids and implemented Safe2Tell and Text-A-Tip in order to keep their students safe, rather than waiting to see if the rumors were true. Then it would be too late, as it has been so many times in the past. Pending charges of conspiring to commit first-degree murder are in the courtroom. Superintendent Liz Fagen says, “No one safety strategy is guaranteed. We have to know that’s the case.” According to Denver’s Fox 31, this case isn’t being taken lightly at all.

Stopping a mass murder at a high school is highly likely as long as tips are released to authorities in time. This why parents of public schools should be aware of the schools’ processes and prevention programs, even donating their time and connectivity to help alleviate these crises. The life they’re saving may be their own.

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