Miranda Lambert, Gwen Stefani Fighting Over Blake Shelton?

Miranda Lambert, Gwen Stefani

Miranda Lambert may have moved on with country cutie Sam Hunt, but it looks like the singer has still found herself in a feud with Gwen Stefani.

A new report is claiming that the No Doubt singer is seeing green with envy as she discovered that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been secretly texting each other. The Dec. 28 issue of In Touch Weekly features a photo of Blake Shelton with Lambert, 32, and Stefani, 46, haunting him in the corner.

The tabloid includes the headline, “Miranda & Gwen: Bitter fight over Blake!” An alleged inside source told the magazine that Gwen has discovered that Blake and Miranda have been secretly texting in private. The “Little Red Wagon” singer is allegedly fighting her way into her ex-husband’s life again.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, 46, is not happy to discover that the two have been texting each other, especially behind her back, according to rumors. The “Used to Love” singer discovered the messages on Shelton’s phone while backstage on the set of The Voice. Shelton left it behind for a quick touch-up in between takes.

“Gwen saw it and lost it. She found Blake and asked to speak to him privately, but he said he couldn’t right then and there. She had tears running down her face and went and locked herself in her dressing room.”

Not only has Lambert been secretly texting Shelton, but he’s also been responding to her messages, the insider claims. “Gwen has seen texts between Blake and Miranda,” the source added. “She’s really a mess over this.” She has since threaten Shelton not to text Lambert anymore.

This isn’t the first time that this alleged incident happened. A similar incident occurred on the night of the CMAs on Nov. 4. That was the time that Shelton and Stefani confirmed the romance rumors just hours before the award ceremony. He also brought his new girlfriend to a CMAs after-party, where he walked away from his phone at one point, and Lambert’s name allegedly appeared on the screen.

“Gwen saw it. Miranda was trying to get Blake to go and see her and her friends at an afterparty.”

What was Shelton’s reaction? He assured Stefani that he’s not doing anything deceitful behind her back — and he has no plans to take Lambert back. He supposedly told the pop star that Lambert is just “being crazy” by texting him again, especially when she reportedly asked Shelton to sit next to her at the CMA Awards.

But Gwen has every right to feel the way that she does. She reportedly feels that she’s being “used” by Blake, especially after her husband, Gavin Rossdale, allegedly cheated on her with their children’s nanny.

“Gwen has some very strong feelings for Blake. [Gwen] gave [Blake] an ultimatum: Stop texting or else there’s no wedding.”

Is Miranda Lambert really winning this feud with Gwen Stefani? Or is she defeating herself by texting the country heartthrob. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry contributor Grace Gerard, Miranda should let it go since their marriage didn’t work out. The report also claims that Stefani and Shelton are happy and in love, and are planning a wedding and having a family.

“Lambert never seemed interested in having children with Shelton. As previously reported, those close to the former couple revealed that Shelton and Lambert constantly argued over her refusal to take a break from country music and get pregnant.”

Now it looks like her celebrity BFF Nicole Kidman has been helping her move on. According to celebrity gossip blogs, the Hollywood actress and her husband, Keith Urban, are trying to find Lambert a new boyfriend. In the Dec. 28 issue of Life & Style magazine, the Australian stars have been doing their best to help find their Nashville friend a new man so she can rub her relationship back in Shelton’s face.

“Keith and Nicole knew Miranda and Blake when they were happy together, and they want to see Miranda smile once again. [They] have decided to hook Miranda up with one of their single, handsome family oriented friends. Miranda’s dance card is feeling up already…she’ll have the pick of the litter.”

According to the report, Kidman and Urban have even been scrolling through their list of A-list friends to help find a man that will make Lambert forget all about what’s-his-name. In fact, there’s a long list of men that’s willing to date the country beauty. Even though Lambert’s been dating around, she’s not ready to settle down anytime soon, the source added.

Miranda Lambert

What are your thoughts? Do you think Miranda Lambert should date quietly after her very public divorce from Blake Shelton? Or do you think she should get back out there and date again? Sound off below in the comments section.

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