'Bachelorette' Rumors: Rumer Willis Could Go From 'Dancing With The Stars' To The Next Bachelorette

The Bachelorette rumors are centering on a new possible contestant -- the appropriately named Rumer Willis.

After the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore enjoyed a fan-favorite run through Dancing With The Stars, reports claim that ABC is considering cashing in on this popularity by casting her as the next Bachelorette.

Sources tell Celeb Dirty Laundry that Rumer Willis has her agents working with ABC, and want "complete control" over the men chosen. Rumer is apparently cautious not to fall into some of the embarrassing situations from past Bachelorette contestants, with some of the suitors coming on the show for attention rather than to find love.

The Bachelorette rumors could come at the perfect time for Rumer Willis. Last year she split with boyfriend Ricky Whittle, who reportedly grew tired of Rumer's "attention seeking" and revealing clothing.

"It all got to be too much for Ricky. He asked her to tone it down, but she refused," a source told Us Weekly (via the Mirror) after the two split up last year."Her 'look at me' act wore Ricky down. It's a shame, because he really liked her."

It was a surprising breakup. Sources at the time said that Rumer Willis and Ricky Whittle were getting very close, and that Whittle made a great impression on Rumer's mother.

Her father, Bruce Willis, was a different story.

"Ricky's nervous. He's met Demi on multiple occasions now, but he keeps putting off spending time with Bruce," a source told the Mirror.

"Part of the reason is he's heard that Bruce has a reputation for giving Rumer's boyfriends a tough time.

"Apparently he loves to wind them up for his own amusement."

As Celeb Dirty Laundry noted, this dynamic could make a potential Rumer Willis season of The Bachelorette a big ratings winner.

"Can you imagine the hometown dates to daddy Bruce Willis's home? That could be enough to scare off any guy hoping to win Rumer Willis's heart! But would the bachelors chosen to meet Bruce, and possibly Demi Moore, be in it for love – or just the opportunity to meet Rumer's famous parents?"
While it's not clear if there is any truth to the Bachelorette rumors surrounding Rumer Willis, there are reports that ABC may be picking someone closer to the show. According to the Bachelor/Bachelorette insider Reality Steve, this season's Bachelor, Ben Higgins, had a very obvious favorite throughout the show. He reportedly grew close to one contestant, to the point that all the other contestants could see that she would be picked in the end.

They were right. This woman ended getting the final rose, leaving three other popular contestants in the running for The Bachelorette -- the second, third, and fourth finishers. Reality Steve noted that the show rarely picks the runner up, who usually leaves the show feeling crushed and not particularly thinking about starting a new journey to find love just a few weeks later.

But the runner up in this season was particularly memorable, he noted, so much so that producers may be willing to tweak the schedule in order to make her the next Bachelorette (the identity of the alleged winner and runners up can be found here).

Fans who want to find out if The Bachelorette rumors come true will have a little bit longer to wait. Producers won't be making a decision on Rumer Willis -- or anyone else, for that matter -- for several more weeks.

[Picture by Noam Galai/Getty Images]