Santa Video: Little Girl Mistakes Walmart Shopper For Saint Nick — And He Plays Along In Good Spirit

Most little kids dream of meeting the highly-fabled Santa Claus. And this video shows one little girl’s day being made, once she spots “Saint Nick” with a shopping cart.

The man’s name is actually Roger Larck, a local of Hurricane, West Virginia. He looks remarkably like the Santa images kids have seen throughout their childhoods. Likewise, little Sophie Jo saw no differences and thought Larck was the real deal.

You can see the Santa video below. Prepare yourself for ultimate cuteness.

Since the post was uploaded, several people have chimed in comments about the video and their own personal experiences. So far, the Santa Claus video has received over 8,200 likes, 6,300 shares, and 380 comments. Currently, the video has only been uploaded for only three hours, and it’s received tons of attention.

The video was sent to WSAZ-3 News on December 17 by Robert Beaver, Larck’s nephew. However, Robert Riley commented the news source‘s Facebook post as follows.

“Wsaz, this is my daughter Sophie Jo with Santa. We want to say thank you to Mr Roger Larck and his wife Robin Beaver-Larck for making our little girls world. It is so awesome to be able to spread good and joy this Christmas.”

The girl’s father posted the Santa video to his page on December 15. Riley mentioned that Larck was sent by God as a message of kindness and goodness. In his video’s caption, he stated that Sophie kept sneaking up on Roger Larck (Santa). After asking if he was Santa Claus, the little girl began a conversation with Larck — as can be heard from the video.

Larck’s wife, Robin Beaver-Larck — whose been married to Roger since 1977, mentioned that he was “playing Santa again” and thought Sophie Jo was the “sweetest.” Needless to say, the video has gone viral in no time at all. “Santa” also posted the video to his page as well. In the comments, he mentioned, “Christmas is always a fun time around little kids but this little girl was just so sweet and innocent it was a real pleasure talking with her.”

As an acclamation, Chris Bays stated, “That’s what Christmas is all about. Joy to all making that little girl day. There’s your home town hero right there.” And it turns out, this Santa look-alike is a hometown hero — an office engineer at Bilco Construction Company, Inc. He’s been employed by the company since 1988. The following is another photo of Larck. However, he’s a bit more trimmed.

Yet, to digress, commentator Stacey Price Boles has a special message for the Santa man. The video caused her to reminisce about her own personal experience when she was a young girl and how he has possibly, unknowingly influenced Sophie’s life. Stacey mentioned as follows.

“I met my own ‘Santa’ in the frozen food section of a grocery store at age 4. Throughout my entire life I would see him on occasion and he always remembered that day. Almost 40 years later, in 2013, my Santa passed away at the age of 93. A little Christmas magic faded for me that day, but stories like this bring all that joy back! Bless Mr. Larck, this little girl will remember him always, just like I did!”

This situation goes to show that you never know when life will choose you to be someone significant to another. For Roger Larck and Sophie Jo, it was just a regular day at Walmart. However, fate intervened and introduced the two in a very memorable and peculiar way. Roger didn’t have to participate and play the role as Santa, but he did. And because of his willingness, Sophie will remember him for a lifetime.

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[Image via Robert Riley/Facebook]