Trader Joe’s Voluntarily Recalls Exploding Soda: The Drink Is Safe But Unopened Triple Ginger Brew Bottles Could Burst Unexpectedly

Trader Joe’s is voluntarily recalling explosive soda bottles. Although the drink is safe, unopened bottles of Triple Ginger Brew can burst unexpectedly and possibly injure anyone near them.

The retail chain has received reports that the bottles can explode without even being opened. The company confirmed that the drink itself poses no health risk and is absolutely safe to drink. However, due to reports of “unopened bottles potentially bursting,” the company is voluntarily issuing the recall.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Trader Joe’s added that the beverage is safe for consumption. Moreover, there have been no reports so far of illnesses or injuries due to the bottles exploding. However, the bottles made of glass were confirmed to be a potential health risk after the company received inquiries about unopened bottles shattering or bursting, reported Los Angeles Times.

Incidentally, Trader Joe’s isn’t sure why the soda bottles could explode. However, Coca-Cola is well aware of the potential risks of using glass bottles. In fact, quite a few of their iconic bottles shatter every day. However, these bottles break in the safety of the factory. Coca-Cola’s bottling plants have special guards that are fitted over the refilling section. The majority of the explosions occur when carbon dioxide, the primary ingredient that creates the fizz to the carbonated drink, is filled under high pressure into the glass bottles. The company has managed the risk well, and subsequent quality control checks ensure the glass bottles that leave the filling station do not explode.

The FDA recall notice clarifies that the carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage does not pose a health risk if consumed. It further adds that all bottles that were in the store have already been removed from the shelves and destroyed. The recall of the soda is merely a precautionary action and follows a few customer complaints that Trader Joe’s received of unopened bottles exploding.

The voluntary recall applies to all Triple Ginger Brew bottles bought between November 9 and December 14, reported 23ABC. The bottles that could potentially explode are stamped with the SKU 51857. Bottles of Triple Ginger Brew were distributed to Trader Joe’s stores nationwide. The fizzy ginger ale is sold in 25.4 fluid ounce (750 mL) glass bottles, reported CBS News.

Although the bottles have been removed from the shelves, Trader Joe’s cautioned customers who may have purchased any of the affected bottles to be careful.

“Customers who have purchased any of the affected bottles are encouraged to handle it with care and dispose of it immediately in an outside container.”

For customers who insist on consuming the beverage are advised to pour the soda immediately into a different container. The retail chain has confirmed it will offer a full refund.

Trader Joe's Voluntarily Recalls Exploding Soda
[Photo by Trader Joe’s via Try It You Might Like It]

Incidentally, the recall in America triggered a similar recall in Canada as well, reported Yahoo News. In fact, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is currently conducting a food safety investigation. Officials confirmed that the investigation could lead to the recall of other products. The agency is keen to sniff out other potentially high-risk products that are being sold openly. The products themselves might not be posing a health risk, but owing to Trader Joe’s voluntary recall of Triple Ginger Brew, it has become apparent that the culprit could be the packaging.

Trader Joe’s was recently sued by Pepperidge Farms. The latter had accused the retail chain of mimicking its hugely popular Milano cookies. The company claims that Trader Joe’s copied not just the packaging, but the design of the cookies as well. While trader Joe’s Crispy Cookies might not pose a health risk, exploding soda bottles certainly do.

[Photo by Trader Joe’s via Try It You Might Like It]