YouTube Skateboarding Star Steven Fernandez Arrested For Allegedly Promising To Trade Girl, 12, TV Show Spot For Sex

YouTube skateboarding star, Steven Fernandez, 15, has been arrested on charges of sexually exploiting a 12-year-old girl. Fernandez allegedly promised to introduce the girl to celebrities in exchange for sex acts. The Compton social media star is the “prime mover” in a conspiracy to lure girls off the street for sex, police maintain.

Steven Fernandez, his manager, Jose Barajas, 22, and skateboarding pal, Keelan Dadd, were all arrested on sexual conspiracy and underage sex charges, TMZ reports. The trio were charged with committing lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under the age of 14 — a felony which carries the weight of an 8-year prison sentence.

The YouTube skateboarder was outfitted with an ankle tracking bracelet and released into the custody of his mother. Both Hose Barajas and Keelen Dadd were given a high bail and have been released once they secured the necessary funds.

Compton police investigators believe that Steven Fernandez used his “celebrity status” to entice at least one young girl off Ventura Boulevard and into his car last month. His manager was driving the vehicle at the time, according to law enforcement officers attached to the case. The YouTube skateboarding star allegedly told the 12-year-old girl that she could appear on his non-existent MTV show and would be introduced to other celebrities, if she would commit “sex acts” with him, his manager, and his friend.

Steven Fernandez Video — Strong Language Warning

The LAPD began investigating Fernandez after the young girl reported that she had been lured into a car with the three men. Both Barajas and the YouTube skateboarding star were arrested after a sting operation, which involved police detectives posing as the victim, sent text messages to the skateboarder asking him to meet at a nearby abandoned home for sex, the Daily Mail reports. Keelan Dadd turned himself into police after the arrests of his friends.

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Detective Ninette Toosbuy said that while it is unusual for the the police department to release the name of a minor charged with a crime, even when the charge is a felony, she said that California law permits exceptions when the suspect is charged with sexual offenses against other minors. Detective Toosbuy also said that Steven Fernandez and his friends were known to troll the Compton, Hollywood, and West San Fernando Valley area is search of young girls to solicit for sex.

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“Fernandez and his buddies used his fame and brand to sexually exploit the very girls who made them rich and famous. We’re taking exceptional measures to find additional victims because the fate of some young lives may be at stake,” detective Toosbuy added. “We want parents to look at the names and pictures of the defendants and ask their daughters if there’s been any contact.”

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The social media skateboarding star has more than one million Instagram followers and more than 700,000 YouTube subscribers who watch is skateboarding and prank videos.

Steven Fernandez markets the popular clothing line, Honey Brand. According to Vice, the YouTube skateboarding star is also known as Baby Scumbag.

When asked during a Vice interview where all the scantily clad older women in his YouTube skateboarding videos come from, Fernandez had the following to say.

“They’re just cool girls that I met on Instagram and wanna be in my videos. So, I kind of get to see t*****s and boobies. Usually I just hit them up. I’ve got a lot of followers. And then we probably just meet up or something and film. First step to get a girl is looking up the video, ‘How to Get Girls’ by Steven Fernandez. The second step is listen to it. Just don’t be shy. Just do it. Don’t be scared, be confident, and you’ve got it. If you’re trying to find some white ratchets, go to expensive restaurants. I do have a dream. It’s to have a 12-inch cock and to be a porn star.”

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