Lala Kent, James Kennedy Being Punished By Bravo For ‘WWHL’ Behavior

This week, Lala Kent and James Kennedy took things a bit too far on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and would not quit cussing up a storm. Andy warned them more than once to stop, but Lala and James wouldn’t quit. They ended up having to censor a large portion of the show because of it. Radar Online shared that James and Lala are in trouble with Bravo for the way they acted. Producers were not happy at all.

Lala Kent and James Kennedy had several other interviews scheduled for the next day. Bravo made the decision to cancel all of their interviews and send them back home right away. They actually got on a plane from New York and were sent to Los Angeles. James and Lala were not allowed to have their fun night in New York. An insider for the network shared exactly what happened with Lala Kent and James Kennedy.

“Producers were livid with both of them. James and Lala’s press interviews lined up for the next day were all canceled, and they were booked on an early flight back.”

James Kennedy and Lala Kent’s troubles aren’t over just yet. Bravo is still looking for another way to punish Lala and James for the way that they acted. When you are on Watch What Happens Live, you are expected to have fun and reveal the truth, but Lala and James took it way too far. It does look like James and Lala know that what they did was wrong. Both have been on Twitter apologizing to their fans and Andy Cohen as well.

This was James Kennedy’s first appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and the reality is that it may be James last time to be on the show. As Jezebel shared James Kennedy and Lala Kent are more than just friends. These two are not revealing that they are dating, but Lala did share that they have been intimate. Lala was on the Nik Richie Podcast and shared that she has had sex with James. The thing is Lala Kent doesn’t even remember it, but she says it wasn’t rape.

“We f***ed one time and I was so blackout drunk I don’t remember one thing. And I know that everyone says that, but I will say, I take accountability for every single one of my actions and I’m owning that now. Because I saw the condom and the wrapper so I know that something happened.”

Lala explained that James told her that it happened and that they also took a shower together, but Lala didn’t remember any of it at all. If they are dating, then Lala Kent isn’t sharing that they are actually more than just friends. It really could all just be for show. If Lala and James were not on Vanderpump Rules, there might not be any kind of relationship between them at all.

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[Photo by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for De Re Gallery]