TNA News: TNA Wrestling Trying To Secure Wrestling Legend Goldberg For Their Pop TV Debut

Pro wrestling legend Bill Goldberg has tried to stay out of professional wrestling for years, ever since he left WWE in the early 2000s. He did a few shows here and there, usually for charitable reasons, but other than that, he has been doing various other things. Whether it is a television show or a movie, he has kept busy since leaving the world of wrestling. For him to come back, he needs a good reason.

People believe he would return to the ring for the right price, but he has a terribly high one. However, TNA Wrestling feels they can get him in.

According to Daily Wrestling News, TNA recently contacted Golberg about coming in to wrestle for a bit of time and feud with Bram due to the two filming a movie together. Since Golberg has always priced himself at such a high rate, TNA could never afford to bring him in. At one point, he was asking for what was said to be “unrealistic money.”

Despite this, TNA is not giving up on bringing him in. There is a thought that he would come down in price in an effort to promote the new movie, which in turn makes him more cash as it brings attention to the product. They really want to get Goldberg to sign on before their debut on Pop TV next month so that he can be at their debut to bring a lot of attention to the product. TNA is hoping Goldberg will lower his price, but it is not expected he will do so.

There is a thought that Goldberg could come in for a segment but not wrestle. Bill has never really been the type of guy who cared if he wrestled or not. He has seemingly always despised WWE Chairman Vince McMahon without even knowing him, and he was difficult to work with in WWE during his one-year run.

Goldberg was big in WCW, but when the company went down, he had seemingly no desire to return to the ring until fans asked why he wasn’t wrestling anymore. So he decided to return for them, but only for a short time. This is why he signed the one-year deal with WWE.

WWE had him immediately feud with the top guy in the company on day one, The Rock. From there, he would face off with Triple H a bit in the heyday of Evolution, and he even ended up working an Elimination Chamber match with a heavily memorable spot. On top of this, he won the World Heavyweight Championship during this. He had a huge one-year run but refused to wrestle any longer than this and has yet to really do anything with WWE since.

WWE treated him quite well by giving him so much in the one year he was there. However, Goldberg really has nothing nice to say about the promotion and tries to stay out of anything WWE-related altogether. He rarely wants to be part of wrestling as it is. TNA Wrestling will have to search around and see if they might have enough to get him. This might be a time they reach into Panda Energy’s pockets to help them out.

It is doubtful Bill will go down on his price to appear for any reason simply because wrestling is something he has to “want” to do. He has expressed wanting to get back in the ring in the past, but will that be with TNA? Who truly knows? Goldberg was a huge star for WCW and was with WWE for a hot minute as a top star as well. TNA isn’t giving up on bringing him in, as they want to make a big splash on Pop TV. However, it does seem doubtful Golberg will enter the six-sided ring anytime soon.

[Photo by Frazier Harrison/Getty Images]