Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Celebrate Daughter's Secret Birthday

The exact date that Blake Lively gave birth to Ryan Reynolds' daughter has remained a mystery for exactly one year. That's right. The couple has revealed that their daughter, James Reynolds, was born one year ago on December 16, 2014. The couple chose to keep the birthdate of James secret, so they could keep their first year as a family a private matter.

Ryan Reynolds Tweets James' First Birthday

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pregnant with James Reynolds. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]A baby's first birthday is a special event for parents even more so than for the new born infant. That couldn't be more true for Ryan Reynolds, whose tweet about the happy event was as humorous as it was filled with the excitement of a new father.

"Happy birthday to my baby girl!" the 39-year-old Green Lantern actor tweeted on Wednesday. "Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter."

Both Reynolds and Blake are extremely private when it comes to baby James. Aside from a photo uploaded to Instagram, which only shows the 1-year-old's hands and feet, there are no images of Reynolds' daughter.

At the same time, Ryan understands the curiosity of the public to know more about James. The actor did reveal that his daughter looks like him, but he was quick to add that he said so without any conceit.

"I've heard, like, there is a sort of genetic predisposition, like an evolutionary tactic to make sure the father stays," said Reynolds.

Another photograph featuring James Reynolds' feet was shared on Lively's Instagram account, but this photo created a stir. The photo featured Reynolds walking with James strapped across his front chest in a baby carrier with feet dangling, but, as Ryan soon found out, little James had been strapped in all wrong.

Parenting has never been easy, but now that we live in a when every precious moment is analyzed and criticized, parents are forced to defend themselves for even the smallest slight. This was Ryan Reynolds point, when he responded to criticism over that picture of baby James.

"I'm a first-time dad, and that is not the first mistake I've made, and I can guarantee it won't be the last."
Ryan Reynolds Says That Pansexual Deadpool Comes Along At Just The Right Time

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds is looking forward to playing pansexual character, Deadpool. [Image via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]The Green Lantern actor says that his latest character, another superhero, is coming along at the right time, based on what is happening in the comic book adaptation genre. Deadpool, a hero described by director Tim Miller as a pansexual character, makes his debut just as fans are beginning to realize they have seen it all done in one form or another. This makes audiences wiser in what they want from a superhero, which, in Reynolds opinion, is good for this new type of character.

"... it's also speaking to that generation and that group of people that have seen them all, seen all these comic-book films and enjoyed them all to varying degrees of success," says Reynolds. "I think it's speaking to them as though the guy in that red suit is one of them, to some degree."

The actor added that he's also happy with the way the film is being budgeted and marketed. He says the studio's method in this case makes it possible for an R rating, which the Deadpool actor admits makes the film more fun.

Unlike Deadpool, Ryan says that he's never been that similar kind of guy, the one cursing and stumbling out of a bar at 3:00 a.m. The actor adds that success hasn't affected his lifestyle at all. He revealed that he and Blake own a home in upstate New York, where they raise James.

Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and Gina Carano, opens in theaters on February 4, 2016.

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]