LGBT Community Trashes ‘Closeted’ Derek Jeter For Alleged Anti-Gay Sentiments

Derek Jeter has never been a big friend to the LGBT community, and after today, he probably won’t ever. TMZ has the news.

“Jeter has been locked in a $30 MILLION legal war with the people behind the Frigo underwear line — and in new court docs filed in Delaware, the undie people say Jeter was not cool marketing the skivvies to gay people.”

The article adds that the underwear company claims it had a deal with Jeter in which he would be the director of the company and do major public events. They say Jeter backed out because of the marketing strategy. Plenty of people have condemned Jeter for being a hypocrite, especially because of allegations (none ever proven) that he swings both ways. The comments after an article at LGBT site the Washington Blade are pretty harsh.

“Derek Jeter has been outed in a book by a former Yankee. He has no right to judge anything or anybody. Besides, I would’t touch this old has-been with a thirty foot pole,” says Proud Gay Millennial.

“Start a company & alienate yr target buyer? A plan worthy of Springtime For Hitler. Is the company set up to fail & merely be a tax write off scheme?” asks vonimo.

The suggestions that Derek Jeter is being a hypocrite are solely based on a rumor from a tell-all book. RadarOnline reported the rumor a couple months back.

“Ex-MLB standouts Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada had sex in a sauna at Yankee Stadium in 1995, a former New York Yankees equipment manager shockingly claims in a new book…In his book Abused By The New York Yankees, former clubhouse worker Paul Priore makes a laundry list of stunning claims about his time working for the team, which ended in 1997 amid controversial circumstances.”

The article adds that Priore claimed that, after he caught the baseball players in a gay scenario, they let him perform oral sex on them just to make sure he’d remain silent about what he’d seen. Many believe that the story sounds like a gay fantasy hoax. However, the LGBT community has held on to the rumors — perhaps out of wishful thinking.

Despite the controversy, there are people on Twitter who are defending Jeter.

In fact, Derek Jeter has come right out and denied the allegations. TMZ Sports has Jeter’s statement.

“Reacting to the lawsuit, Jeter told TMZ that Frigo’s accusations are ‘categorically false’ and something that he is disgusted by.”

Besides being accused of being a homophobe, Jeter was also recently accused by the same underwear company of being racist. Just Jared reported that Jeter was involved in a lawsuit with the same underwear company that alleged Jeter thought that 50 Cent was too urban for the brand. Naturally, the rapper was extremely angry about what Jeter allegedly told Frigo’s executives.

It’s doubtful that we will hear the end of this anytime soon. Derek Jeter has scored a lot of hits, but the latest hit may be a hit to his brand. Do you think Jeter is guilty of the things he’s accused of? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]