Microsoft Headquarters In Athens Arson Attack

Early this morning anonymous assailants attacked Microsoft’s offices in Athens.

After driving a van through the front doors, the attackers set off an incendiary device that burned the entrance of the building.

Though the U.S company’s headquarters are located in the Maroussi suburbs (north of the city center), no injuries have as yet been reported – most likely due to the attack taking place before dawn.

Authorities say there was no warning call before the attack and – so far – there have been no claims of responsibility.

Greece has long been prone to attacks by aggrieved anarchist or domestic terrorist groups. Usual targets; government buildings, banks or monuments associated with state power.

Police reports have determined three people were inside the van. It’s believed the two security guards inside the offices were forced out before the three assailants rammed – and smashed in – the front door by reversing the van.

Afterwards, an incendiary device inside the van comprising camping gas canisters and containers filled with gasoline was triggered. Police forensic teams are examining the burned-out van, still in position outside the office entrance.

In 2008, nationwide riots greeted the fatal police shooting of an Athens teenager. A year later, an anti-terrorism police officer was shot and killed, followed by a journalist in 2010.

More updates will follow.