TNA News: Jeff Hardy Is Done With TNA

In TNA news, Jeff Hardy now needs to have another surgery to repair his leg injury, which means that he will not be back until late 2016, according to the Wrestling Observer. Apparently, the injury is so bad that the former world heavyweight champion has been telling friends and family that he will need to abandon his high-flying and high-impact style of wrestling if and when he does decide to make a comeback. The bad news for TNA is the fact that Hardy has a contract that is expiring in a couple of weeks, which means he could be done with the promotion.

Jeff Hardy made millions of dollars in WWE. He did it by amassing millions of fans with his daredevil style of wrestling. We’ve seen countless high spots, especially during those legendary tag team matches with Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian, and the Dudley Boyz. His body takes quite the toll each time that he delivers his signature finishing move, the Swanton Bomb. Hardy has been with WWE since 1998 but he began abusing his body in a wrestling ring years before then. Now that he is 38 and a father, Jeff realizes the toll that his passion has taken on him.

Of course, that does not mean that Jeff Hardy is done chasing his dreams. The former world heavyweight champion has said nothing about retirement. When his body heals next year, he is going to evaluate things and see if a comeback is truly what he wants. Hardy no longer has to be on the road over 200 days out of the year now that he is not with WWE. With his name value still sky high, Jeff could realistically work one match a month on the independent wrestling circuit and still be able to pay his bills. His body would not be taking quite a beating with that limited schedule.

Since they need as much star power as possible, TNA could easily be convinced into giving Jeff Hardy a favorable schedule. He essentially was able to write his own schedule when he was touring with the company. If it meant being able to use his likeness and popularity, Dixie Carter would not hesitate to do a thing where Hardy only works television and special events. Jeff would not have to go on tour when the company decides to restart that aspect of their business. At the very least, the North Carolina native has this option.

WWE has been showing a willingness to offer star performers a very favorable schedule as of late. Brock Lesnar makes millions by working approximately a dozen shows a year. Batista would easily have that offer if he weren’t so busy in Hollywood. Chris Jericho likes to come back sporadically to do a couple of weeks of house shows. They were able to convince Alberto Del Rio to come back with a lighter schedule. A similar deal is on the table for Rey Mysterio. The door for a return has been left open for years for Jeff Hardy.

Then again, Jeff Hardy could simply choose to retire. He is a talented and versatile individual, so generating income shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Hardy has made some money off of his painting and music, two of his other huge passions in life. He also owns a wrestling promotion with his brother, Matt Hardy, called OMEGA. Making appearances at those events could help stimulate ticket sales and increase their profit margin. Every wrestling convention on the planet would write him checks. Jeff is not going to be doing nude phone calls on Skype to survive.

[Featured Photo by Impact Wrestling]