Five Gifts For The Geeks In Your Life

Have no idea what gifts to give the geeks in your life this holiday season? Struggling to find a solution? Are you worried your gifts just won’t make the cut and will ultimately be tossed to the side like that unfortunate and hideous sweater you once received from your aunt Edna in your youth?

Well, have no fear, for gifts for geeks truly abound in the universe.

Gathered from around the web, here are five examples of great gift ideas for all the nerds who may happen to be in your life.

At the top of this list are two gadgets mentioned in a recent article about geek gift giving ideas from PCMag. The first of these items is sure to be a hit this season – especially given that the holiday release of the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is underway.

  • The Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Warm up the hearts of all the Star Wars geeks in your life with this waffle maker that shapes the much-loved breakfast treats into piles of Darth Vader’s infamous weapon of mass destruction, sending out waffles piping hot and just waiting to be eaten. The Death Star Waffle Maker will surely bring joy and nerdy ecstasy into the hearts of Star Wars geeks everywhere this Christmas, and it will no doubt be one of the top gifts of the season.

  • The Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI Observer

For those geeks who are crazy about the weather, they will now have the opportunity to monitor what is happening in the atmosphere firsthand with the Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI Observer. This device allows one to receive all the statistics and figures not mentioned on TV. Data can be uploaded to the weather underground service and processed through the Wunderstation iPad app. This tool will definitely help all the weather geeks out there with staying informed, and will probably be one of their favorite gifts this year.

  • Wonder Woman Socks with Capes

For that special lady geek in your life, these colorful Wonder Woman Socks With Capes just may be one of the gifts she is looking for under the Christmas tree. Get ready to charm her plain and boring socks off – she’ll be happy to put these on instead.

  • Planetary Glass Set

Some people have been obsessed with outer space since they were children. We all know, or maybe even are, someone like this. For that person in your life who would love nothing more than to don a spacesuit and join up with NASA, these planet-themed drinking glasses sold by Think Geek will be sure to lift their spirits all the way to the moon. The set features with 10 different glasses portraying 10 amazing and beautiful planetary bodies.

  • 3D-Printed Cookie Cutter Resembling Someone’s Face

For those geeks with a soft side – and who also may love to bake – a business named Copypastry will make custom cookie cutters out of couple faces, dog faces or family member faces. These gifts are sure to bring new meaning to the phrase “You’re so cute I could just eat you up.”

After viewing these ideas for gifts for geeks, hopefully now you can wrap up your Christmas shopping with a bit more confidence.

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[Image via Shutterstock]