TNA News: Wrestlers Not Allowed To Talk About Canceled India Tour

In TNA news, it has now been revealed that Dixie Carter and company are preventing their performers from telling people about why their tour of India was canceled, according to a recent interview that Robbie E did with Wrestling Inc. People around the world were already speculating as to the reasons why the move was made, but that chatter died down tremendously when news broke about TNA’s new television deal with POP TV. The latest revelation will certain cause the rumor mills to start churning once again. Critics will once again boast that the sky is falling on the beleaguered promotion.

Even though their financial records are not made available to the public, pro wrestling fans have long been under the assumption that TNA is going broke and will fold soon. Anytime that something remotely negative happens within the company, the critics immediately assume that it is because of financial reasons. Fans believe the worst every time a performer leaves the company, even if they have a good reason. Samoa Joe and James Storm left to pursue opportunities in WWE, but fans ignored that part and attributed their departures to the fact that Dixie Carter does not have enough money.

Destination America dropping TNA was one of the most recurring stories over the summer. Fans were critical of Dixie Carter for not finding a new home for Impact Wrestling, even though the company president was working behind the scenes and negotiating with various television networks. Some were under the impression that the expiring deal with Destination America had something to do with the cancellation of the tour of India. A lot of people are unaware that domestic and international television deals that TNA has are not the same thing. The deal with Destination America does not affect the deals that are overseas.

Another interesting thing that was gleaned from the interview is that Robbie E stated that the tour of India was canceled. When TNA made their official statement on the matter, they stated that the tour was postponed until some point in 2016. Multi Screen Media (MSM) stated that the postponement was due to logistical issues with the timing of the events. MSM was the one that put the idea into place. They helped fund and organize the tour for TNA. Of course, Robbie E might have simply had a mental lapse during the interview. However, we cannot rule out a cancellation.

Robbie E [Photo by Impact Wrestling]

Signing a deal with POP TV was definitely a step in the right directions for TNA. That means that their product can now be seen and promoted on a weekly basis. Dixie Carter could still keep the company afloat without a domestic television deal because of all the deals that they have overseas. However, having a domestic television deal enables the company to grow. Now that finding a new television network is not the most important task on the table, Carter and company can focus on other areas, such as getting the tour side of their business going again.

One of TNA’s biggest goals for the year is to start touring the United States again. That’s a good source of revenue, both for the company and for the performers. If they can get the ball rolling on that, then it makes it easier to do more overseas tours. The promotion has routinely done well whenever they visited the United Kingdom, but they would love to find another hot bed. Considering how popular TNA is over there, India has a good chance at becoming just that. You have to take it one step at a time when you’re building a company. TNA is definitely stepping.

[Featured Photo by Impact Wrestling]