Russell Crowe Takes on Rupert Murdoch in Film

It looks like Russell Crowe may have another Oscar on his hands. The actor is set to play the scandalized mogul Rupert Murdoch in a new film called Good Times Bad Times, which is said to be based on a memoir by London Times editor Harold Evans, who spent a great deal working under Murdoch. As for other roles in the film, it’s rumored that British actor Colin Firth might take the role of Evans.

Harold Evans no longer works at the London Times, and resigned from working at the paper in 1983 due to “unacceptable pressure” from Rupert Murdoch on how the paper should be run. Leon Lecash, who is acting as the creative director of the company that is producing what is to be a scandalous film, said the movie will highlight a discussion about a meeting between Murdoch and Margaret Thatcher, who at the time of Evans employment was the Prime Minister.

In his book, Harry Evans alludes to the fact that there was an intimate relationship carried on between Murdoch and Thatcher, “with late-night whiskey drinking,” said Lecash. During that time Murdoch agreed to buy the Times if Thatcher agreed on political publicity for the party.

The film is said to cover not only Harry Evans’ times at London Times, but also touching on the big scandal of News of the World, which resulted in News of the World journalists hacking into prominent people’s voice mails for celebrity tips and gossip-y news.

It is not yet stated when filming will start and who else will be added to the cast.