Tina Fey On Looking Like Johnny Depp, And More Entertaining Confessions

Tina Fey is more than just a hilarious sketch comedy actor and screenplay writer. The funny lady is also a mother to two adorable girls, Penelope, 10, and Alice, 4, as well as a devoted wife to a man who assures her she looks like Johnny Depp? Fey shared some ridiculous facts with People Magazine recently about her personal life and obviously keeps readers completely entertained in the process.

Tina Fey is sure to always remind that she is just an ordinary woman who experiences typical blunders and mishaps in her day-to-day. The SNL alum shares that one of her daughters is terrified there’s a ghost in her room and, as a result, sleeps in her older sisters bed. But the actress suspect that it could all be a ruse to have a slumber party nightly. Fey also shares that she occasionally experiences technological distress. People recounts,

“Like a dummy, I did the update on my phone. As I was doing it, I was thinking, ‘You’re too dumb to do this… don’t do this’. But I did it anyway and I sort of tried to stop it in the middle and I lost several months’ worth of pictures and a lot of apps. I’m still trying to find a way to get it fixed but I’m also emailing friends saying, ‘If I sent you any pictures of my kids or anything interesting in the last six months, can you just send them back to me?!’ The reason I lost them is because I was feeling weird about ‘The Cloud’ – because most of my photos are nudes of me, 97-98 percent, so I was like ‘I’ve gotta get off The Cloud.’”

Unfortunately, some admitted mishaps involve Tina’s choice of hairstyle when she’s unable to depend on her stylist for an event. One occasion involved a day when Fey was attempting to go the au-naturel look and, from her husband’s perspective, got it wrong. The star shared the hilarious comparison drawn from her attempted casual-chic appearance.

“Every day that a professional person isn’t controlling what I wear. I have good hair, but I can’t do hair. In the summer I was letting it air-dry and rocking a hat and glasses to go all beachy, and my husband very accurately pointed out that I looked like Johnny Depp.”

This busy mom and actress also shares that she really hasn’t had much time to take in any musical performances as of late. In fact, the last concert she attended, aside from watching the musical performers at SNL, was back in the late ’90s.

“[The last concert]I attended would be an Elvis Costello concert, which would probably take us back to the late ’90s. Or it could be one time me and (former SNL cast member) Horatio Sanz went to Lilith Fair last minute. That would have been in Chicago in, like, 1997. It was Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls…”

Fey acknowledges that she loves to spend time doing the simple things like playing games with her kids. The funny girl shares that the last game she played was a total classic and one she plays regularly with her daughters.

“My 4-year-old is surprisingly good at Jenga – she has good hand-eye coordination for a 4-year old. She’ll say, ‘Here’s a wiggly one!’”

Tina Fey has brought the world laughter and entertainment over the years she was a part of SNL and on the hit show 30 Rock. Fey continues to be involved in films including her latest, Sisters, which looks equally as hilarious as her previous projects, as NY Daily News notes. It’s rare in Hollywood to find female comedic actors that enjoy such a lengthy and successful career as Tina Fey has. Perhaps it has to do with her ability to enjoy the simple things and enjoy her real life with her loving family.

Watch Tina Fey in the trailer for her latest comedy, Sisters.