WWE News: Kevin Owens Responds To Vince Russo Criticism

In WWE news, Kevin Owens has taken to Twitter to respond to the criticism that Vince Russo has thrown his way.

Jim Ross has one of the more popular podcast interview shows in professional wrestling. His guest on the Ross Report this week was Vince Russo, the man that generates controversy within the internet wrestling community simply by opening his mouth. A lot of fans are still bitter that he jumped ship from WWE to WCW all those years ago, so anything that he says gets put under a microscope. Ross is fully aware of that, and that is one of the biggest reasons why he wanted him as a guest on his show this week.

Since Jim Ross and Vince Russo have both been involved in the business and have found a certain degree of success, their words are a bit more knowledgeable than the average person. When the two of them started their discussion about the current situations in WWE, they not only sound like fans, but they also sound like guys that could truly contribute in making the product better today.

When the topic of Kevin Owens was brought up by Jim Ross, Vince Russo shared his opinions on the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. The former lead writer of WWE, WCW, and TNA flat out stated that he is not a fan of Owens. Russo acknowledged everything that Kevin has done in the business, citing the years that he spent crawling up from the independent wrestling circuit. Vince is also aware that the man formerly known as Kevin Steen has a large following from his days in ROH.

To clarify on the reason why he is not a fan of Kevin Owens, Vince Russo revealed something that Vince McMahon taught him. The CEO of WWE has long stated that if you wanted to be a star in pro wrestling then you need to look the part. Owens clearly does not look the part of the typical stars that we have seen over the years. He certainly does not have a better physique over guys like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Lex Luger, and John Cena. Kevin looks like someone that you would see checking IDs at a bar.

Vince Russo then took it a step further. He stated that WWE has gone downhill quite a bit, and a good example is the fact that Kevin Owens was the Intercontinental Champion up until this month. Russo stated that Carl Ouellet is ten times the performer that Owens will ever be, yet he had trouble getting on television because Vince McMahon did not like the way that he looked. Russo also stated that Owens being the IC champion is nowhere near as good as it was when Randy Savage held the belt decades ago.

Just like the on screen character that he plays for WWE, Kevin Owens isn’t known as someone that is afraid to talk. His response to Vince Russo on Twitter is unlikely to be the last that he speaks on the topic. To his credit, Owens does a great job of interacting with his fans through social media. Someone is going to let him know if Russo, whom Kevin blocks on Twitter, makes further statements about him. A war of words between these two guys would be highly entertaining for the internet wrestling community.

Do you agree with what Vince Russo has said about Kevin Owens?

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