Justin Timberlake Launches Home Design Website [HomeMint.com]

Justin Timberlake is no stranger to the design business thanks to his successful William Rast brand and now he’s taking his design sensibility to HomeMint.com, a new home decor website that offers customized suggestions based on a users own tastes.

The site was founded by Timberlake and stylist Estee Stanley, a designer who built her career in fashion styling before making the move to interior design. Timberlake was a client for Stanley before they became business partners.

The site is simple to use, upon accessing HomeMint.com users are asked to examine sets of pictures and choose the setting that best appeals to them. For example “which kitchen do you prefer?” and “which dinner setting do you like?” After all of the sites questions are answered users are then given recommendations based on their personal tastes.

After preferences are selected users are then shown items from several categories that include:

  • Homemint Private Collection – line of textiles, bedding, towels, etc.
  • Collaboration – line of home accessories, think storage baskets, pottery, etc.
  • Unique Finds – carefully curated collection of rugs and tchotchkes
  • Art – Limited edition prints from low profile artists

The website doesn’t offer furniture outside of a few chaises and ottomans but you’ll find most other items for your home.

To attract a loyal user base the website offers a $9.99/month membership which provides member pricing, although non-users looking for a one time purchase can buy items for higher prices.

Items range from $7.99 hand towels to items that can cost you hundreds of dollars so the possibilities really are endless.