Snake Surprises Biker At 155 MPH

Cruising along on a street bike at 155 MPH would be enough to shake the nerves of most non-bike riding people and riding at those speeds and then realizing a snake was on your handlebars would be much worse. That’s exactly what happened to a biker this week and they caught the entire freaky event on camera.

Take a close look at the photo shown above and you will see a bright yellow snake checking out the motorcyclist and his speedometer. As you’ll notice the speedometer is at 250 kilometers per hour which translates to 155 MPH.

It’s not clear how the snake actually ended up on the Motorcycle, perhaps it was grabbing a quick bit of heat on the bikes engine or maybe it’s just a dare-devil snake who jumped on for a fast ride.

Most people would probably freak out if they saw a snake on their speedometer but this guy rides around for fun at 155 MPH while zig-zagging out of traffic so instead of jumping off his bike and running for the hills he just slowed down, pulled over and showed off his new pet to fellow bikers.

Apparently this is not a normal occurrence as one of the bikers points out. We would be worried if snakes on bikes at 155 MPH happened on a regular basis.

Here’s the video:

Would you freak out, jump off your bike as it was still cruising along and run for the hills if a snake ended up staring you down as your drove?