Spec Ops: The Line Getting Co-Op DLC Around August

After you’ve made your way through Spec Ops: The Line‘s singleplayer campaign, all that’s left for you to do is to dive into the game’s multiplayer, which by all accounts doesn’t seem worth sticking around for. Come August, however, there will be one more option.

Spec Ops: The Line was released just today, and 2K Games has already announced that the shooter will be receiving co-op DLC in August. There are four co-op missions in all in the DLC, each of which take place prior to the events of the singleplayer campaign. If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, how about the fact that it’s free?

“Players must work together to fight through waves of enemies and blinding sandstorms to complete their objectives, emphasizing teamwork and utilizing a variety of weapons and explosives,” 2K Games said of the co-op in a press release.

Before you mark a date down on your calendar, it should be pointed out that 2K Games says that the August release date is “approximate.” It may end up missing that intended August release date, and wind up being released in September if not longer than that.

Still, you at least know that Spec Ops: The Line co-op DLC is on the way. Oh, and that it’s free.

Have you tried Spec Ops: The Line yet? If not, do you have any intention of trying it out at some point?