‘The Librarians’ Picked Up For Another Magical Season

From the very first episode, The Librarians wove a magical spell over viewers with the fast-paced, quirky, and fun storylines. Apparently, the series is continuing to do well since it was just renewed in the middle of the second season. Deadline shared that there will be 13 new episodes of The Librarians airing in the fall of 2016.

Noah Wyle, who starred in TNT’s popular The Librarian movies, plays Flynn Carson and pops in and out of the new series like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat. According to Variety, he is the caretaker of an ancient organization hidden deep below the Metropolitan Public Library, and he has dedicated his life to protecting and hiding magical secrets from the world. One Librarian is no longer sufficient, and the Library chooses a Guardian and three new Librarians. The reason why becomes clear later on in the series.

Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) is a former NATO agent, and as the new Guardian, she is tasked with training and protecting the Librarians while making sure each mission is completed. Eve and Flynn also have a somewhat complicated romantic relationship that is far from being resolved. Her new charges are Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), and Jacob Stone (Christian Kane). So what does each new Librarian bring to the table?

Ezekiel likes to think of himself as an international “man of mystery,” but in reality, he is an expert thief and hacker. His flippant and cocky attitude belies what he really feels for his new team members. He often shows little concern for them until someone is in trouble, then his true compassionate nature is revealed.

Jacob was an Oklahoma laborer and spent years hiding his genius IQ of 190 from his family, especially his father. His interest and vast knowledge of art history and architecture often come in handy. He seems to be the most grounded of the Librarians.

Cassandra is the Librarians’ mathematician and often uses auditory and sensory hallucinations to solve problems. She is able to do this because of a brain tumor that could take her life at any time. Bringing on the hallucinations is extremely painful, and Stone taught her how to use peaceful memories to get past the pain.

Each one of the Librarians was somewhat of an outcast and loner before becoming part of the group, and Eve has her job cut out for her as she tries to mold them into a team. Jenkins, also known as Galeas or Galahad (John Larroquette), is their caretaker and knows more than anyone about the Library and what it contains. He works at the Library’s branch office, which serves as the team’s headquarters after the Library disappeared.

So what role exactly must the Librarians play? Now that magic is loose in the world, the Librarians find that their job varies with each new episode. Basically, the Librarians work to solve seemingly impossible mysteries, recover powerful and often dangerous artifacts, and fight against numerous supernatural threats. A special book usually shows the Librarians their next mission. Watching them interact with one another is fun to watch, and the dialogue is often witty with a bit of silly slapstick thrown in for good measure. Sometimes such a combination doesn’t sit well, but in this instance it works.

The first season found the Library in a chaotic mess. Flynn must leave the Librarians for Eve to train as he searches for the missing Library, which is lost in time and space. During the second season, the Library returns but is extremely dysfunctional, as objects and rooms disappear and reappear in different places. Flynn is able to finally figure out what is going on, and the Library is finally returned to its former state. With that problem resolved, the Librarians can now turn their full attention to dealing with Prospero, a character in the series who plans to wreak havoc on the world.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below. The Librarians airs on Sunday’s at 8 p.m. ET on TNT.

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