Apple Fans Slam Microsoft For Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Glitches

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have been well received, but there have been some documented glitches. The Surface Book has more problems than the Surface Pro 4 since it is a first generation product. Some of the problems include screen flickering, trackpad inconsistency, hinge problems (where screen detaches from keyboard), and other issues.

Many of the issues have been fixed with firmware updates. Still, there is one issue that is enraging users of both devices. Engadget has the news.

“And one big issue remains for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 owners: erratic power management. Some users are reporting that the devices simply don’t go to sleep properly when you close their lids or put them into standby. Instead, they continue to drain power, which could be a nasty surprise if you don’t bring your charger along.”

Of course, one can solve the problem by putting the devices in Hibernate mode or by turning them off completely. Both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 launch into the login screen almost immediately, even when turned on after the devices are completely turned off. However, many would also argue that if you are spending $1,500 to $2,000 on a device, it should be able to work perfectly.

Yesterday, Digital Trends reported that Microsoft has apologized for issues with both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

“The blossoming Surface brand has provided Microsoft plenty to celebrate over the last year or two, but the most recent additions to the line haven’t quite met the expectations of some consumers. Now, the company has issued an apology from the team responsible for the hardware.”

One can go to Microsoft’s site to read the full apology.

“For those of you who’ve had a less-than-perfect experience, we’re sorry for any frustration this has caused. Please know that we’re reading your comments and hearing you loud and clear. Your input is incredibly valuable in helping us address your questions with timely updates and fixes,” reads the apology.

Microsoft adds that they have already issued a number of updates with Windows Update and are working to issue additional updates and fixes as soon as possible to further improve the overall Surface experience. Some people are satisfied, while others aren’t. However, Apple fans have gone in for the kill.

After an article posted on TechRadar about the apology, Apple fans joined the discussion.

“This is why I buy products from Apple. THEY SIMPLY WORK! If Apple products do have any bugs, they are fixed in DAYS. Microsoft is TRULY AWFUL!” says PMarcasiam.

“Apple has excellent customer service. If you have a problem with your device, bring it to a store. They’ll replace it if they can’t offer a solution. I can’t say the same about Microsoft,” says Alison Ornella.

It’s important to note that Apple products haven’t had smooth launches either. The 13-Inch MacBook Pro Retina is, perhaps, the most loved notebook ever made. However, when it was launched in late 2012, there were nothing but problems. Let’s not forget to mention the iPhone 4, notorious for what was soon dubbed as “Antennagate.” There have been botched launches of other Apple products as well, but the media seems to let Apple get away with it. Still, it’s doubtful that Apple will come out with a hybrid device as successful as the Surface Pro and Surface Book in the near future.

[Photo via Daryl Deino]