Michele Bachmann May Be Vulnerable

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) has been a major face of the conservative Tea Party movement and has become a household name nationally.

The Washington Post however suggest that Bachmann may be vulnerable in her reelection bid. Democrat Jim Graves trails Bachmann just 43 to 48 percent. Graves is a multi-millionaire hotel magnate.

It won’t be easy to unseat Michele Bachmann. Redistricting made her district even more conservative, and she has dispatched Democratic challengers Tarryl Clark and Elwyn Tinkleberg in the last two election cycles.

Moreover, while 34 percent of voters in the district rate her performance as “poor,” 39 percent call it “excellent” or good.

While Bachmann has become a bit of a punching bag to some in the entertainment industry, she remains a powerful conservative voice, and leads Graves in fundraising.

The Star-Tribune reports that “True Blood” creator Alan Ball, Jane Fonda and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all levied some kind of zinger at the congresswoman in recent weeks, but a Republican strategist has an idea why.

“With her perfect looks plus her ideology, in the age of celebrity, she became one,” strategist Sarah Janecek told the Star-Tribune.

Janecek had an idea why many of the jokes focus on the Michele Bachmann’s hair as well.

“If people disagree with a woman’s politics, they start picking on her looks,” Janecek said.

All that aside, Bachmann withstood Tinklenberg in 2008 during a nationwide Democratic effort to oust her, but she hung on. If that is any indication, Michele Bachmann isn’t likely to lose her seat in the House without one heck of a fight.