Jared Leto Apologizes To Swifties, Opens Up On Tumultuous Time In Haiti

Jared Leto was recently called out for his not-so-nice comments about Taylor Swift. In a video that was made a couple of months ago and was recently released on TMZ, Jared Leto is seen with band mates listening to and critiquing Swift’s music. After saying he liked her music at one point, People reports he then said he didn’t care about her in a very inappropriate way.

“F*** her. I don’t give a f*** about her.”

Leto then received a lot of backlash from Swift fans and quickly issued an apology.

@JaredLeto @taylorswift13 You HURT not her BUT YOUR FANS!. Think before speak, arrogant boy @JaredLeto

— InesDeLettonie (@inesdelettonie) December 8, 2015

Interestingly, Jared Leto has fans who were very supportive of him despite his words about Swift and her music.

Billboard reports that the intention behind the video was actually not to bash Swift, but so that Thirty Seconds to Mars could gain some inspiration from her 1989 album. Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds to Mars liked “Blank Space” and “Style.”

When Jared Leto isn’t getting himself into trouble with Swifties, he is pursuing other avenues of creativity. Time reports that Leto will be acting in the movie Suicide Squad, and was cast in the role of the Joker. Last Monday, Jared Leto posted a photo of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, the two actors famous for bringing the Joker character alive in the Batman franchise. The caption was perfect, and the post was his way of promising he’ll do a good job in the role.

“Great work @gaunted! Was wondering who made it! Amazing. I see a few thought It was me but it wasn’t. Just thought it was clever sweet + fun.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that Jared Leto told Empire how he prepared for the iconic role.

“There was definitely a period of… detachment. I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and I couldn’t imagine doing it another way. It was fun, playing those psychological games.”

Suicide Squad is due out in theaters in August, 2016, although photos from the film are already coming out.

So, what is Jared Leto up to when he isn’t dissing pop stars and portraying the Joker? Movie Pilot reports that Leto was recently made a World Wildlife Foundation Ambassador, and he also supports numerous causes that involved political injustice, crisis relief, and humanitarian efforts.

When Jared Leto was a teenager, his mother moved him and his brother to a poor part of Haiti where they helped run two medical clinics. His time in Haiti has a huge impact in his life.

“The experiences I had upon going back to Haiti and seeing the incredible poverty and turmoil this already impoverished nation was coping with have affected my life in a way that has forever changed me.”

Haiti is still an important part of Leto’s life today, as he has been deeply involved in the recovery efforts that have gone on in Haiti since the earthquake that devastated the nation in 2010. In 2013, Jared Leto lived streamed his experience of going back to Haiti after the earthquake with the goal of spreading awareness to the plight of the people of Haiti.

He stressed that the people of Hati need help.

“The Haitian people are resilient people and they’re survivors, but this isn’t something that is going to be fixed overnight.”

Kudos to Jared Leto for helping a nation in need. It seems the very busy and sometimes impolite actor, director, and musician has a soft spot for those who are less fortunate.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]