‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Makes A Big Decision, Michael Asks Questions, And Morgan’s Mental State Worsens

General Hospital spoilers tease that a big adventure is set to begin on Wednesday’s episode. Viewers have watched as Robin has battled to stay alive, as Jerry Jacks held her captive while Emma begged to reconnect with her mother. Now that Patrick and Sam have split, it seems that he will decide it is time to track down Robin. Where are things headed in this December 16 show?

According to We Love Soaps, Patrick and Emma will uncover a tidbit that seems to point to Robin’s location. Emma has been desperate to spend time with her mother and Patrick has decided to take a leave from the hospital. The two will be determined to track down Robin thinking she is in Paris, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they will soon have some help.

Anna and Patrick will be working together on figuring out where Robin is, and Robert will pop up during Thursday’s show to join them. Of course, the group’s effort to find Robin won’t go all that smoothly, and there are significant confrontations coming over the next week or so.

While Robin, Patrick, and Emma will soon be reunited, it is believed, that doesn’t mean they will all head back to Port Charles to be one, big happy family again. General Hospital spoilers have detailed that with Jason Thompson’s upcoming departure from the show, viewers will see Anna return to town with Emma, while Robin and Patrick stay away.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show, Michael will be asking more questions about Sabrina’s pregnancy. Sabrina has been desperate to keep Michael from finding out that the baby is really Carlos’, but the signs of something being amiss are really adding up.

General Hospital spoiler previews show Sabrina and Michael meeting with Dr. Lee to review the sonogram. Michael is worried about the earlier comment about the baby’s size, and he seeks clarification from Dr. Lee. Sabrina keeps trying to cut him off, but the doctor isn’t in on the lies, and Michael keeps pushing forward.

While it doesn’t sound as if Michael will learn the truth quite yet, General Hospital spoilers from next week with the Nutcracker Gala reveal that he will soon be asking Sabrina flat-out if the baby is his. Will she finally come clean?

Viewers will also see Morgan facing challenges in Wednesday’s show. He missed a dose of his medications recently, and this is going to cause some issues. Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that there will be a tense exchange between Carly and Morgan in this episode as she voices her concerns. However, Morgan is quite sensitive to Carly’s hovering, and it looks like he’ll explode toward her.

Tracy will open up to Paul about her growing feelings for him, but he’s doing a wicked dance trying to keep both Tracy and Ava on his good side. It is known that Ava and Paul will hit the sack again later this week, but they may be caught by somebody.

Wednesday’s show also has some drama brewing between Ava and Kiki, while Mac and Anna continue to dig into Paul’s antics. Jerry will be telling Robin that she’s out of time, and fans can’t wait to see what comes next on this front. General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty more action on the way over the next few episodes, and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action.


[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]