Health Care Costs Will Go Up, No Matter What Supreme Court Rules

Health care costs will probably go up, no matter what the Supreme Court rules on Thursday, because President Obama’s health care plan is already creating changes that will affect health care permanently. reports that Gregg Nunziata, senior director at The Advisory Board, a Washington-based research and consulting firm, stated:

“Health care is changing in pretty fundamental ways aside from the Supreme Court and what the Supreme Court does.”

According to the Illinois Statehouse News, the Supreme court will present its ruling on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the court is expected to have one of three outcomes–dismiss the whole law, part of the law, or declare it constitutional. reports that Nunziata believes one reason that health care costs are going up is actually because of baby boomers entering retirement. He stated:

“They’re demanding a different kind of care and they will be living long into their golden years.”

In order to respond to this change, health officials have to look at a way to contain costs.

Illinois Statehouse News reports that if the Supreme Court rules the law completely unconstitutional, then you can expect premiums to go up, according to Jim Duffett, the executive director of the Campaign for Better Health Care. Duffett stated:

“Your premiums will go up, and the reason they’re going up is that you can only squeeze so much blood out of a turnip.”

The second option is that the Supreme Court votes to uphold the law, in which case we will see either federal income taxes raising, or the government to start a deficit spending in order to pay for the program, at least according to Jonathan Ingram, a health care policy analyst at the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think-tank.

Finally, the third option is that the court only upholds part of the law. If this is the case, Ingram believes the overturned part would be the part requiring everyone to have health insurance. Ingram stated, according to Illinois Statehouse News, that:

“I think that we’re still left with a situation where we have part of a law that is unworkable. We need to repeal the whole law. It’s already broken. It’s a one-size fits all model that doesn’t work.”

Do you think health insurance costs will continue to go up, no matter what the Supreme Court rules on Thursday?