‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Andre’s Scheme Spells Trouble For Chad And Abigail, Hope Faces Tough Questions Over Malcolm

What can viewers expect from Wednesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers detail that Abigail will have a lot happening in this show, but there is bad news brewing for Hope. Viewers saw earlier this week that Dr. Malcolm was shot and killed, and Hope will be a prime suspect. Abby and Chad just spent a sweet evening together, but there is a new round of trouble on the way for them. Where are things headed in the December 16 show?

As We Love Soaps indicates, Rafe will arrest Hope for killing Dr. Malcolm. While she certainly had reason to go after Malcolm, and she was away from home at the time of the shooting, all signs point to someone else having done this. Viewers will have to wait and see just how tough it is for Hope to prove she wasn’t involved, especially given her interrogation of Malcolm at the station.

Ciara had been snatched by thugs earlier in the week, but she is home now and back to her regular routine. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that during Wednesday’s episode, she will be learning of the cruel texts that Theo has been receiving. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ciara will be furious over this.

It sounds as if Ciara will reach out and turn quite protective over Theo, and viewers know that he already has quite the crush on her. Hopefully, this will be a sweet step forward in their friendship as Ciara steps up to support him. Many suspect that Chase is behind these texts, but that much has not yet been detailed.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show, Chad will get a shocking request from Andre. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Andre will have a plan to get back the DiMera millions, but he needs Chad’s help. Andre will pressure Chad to split with Abigail and get close to Belle instead.

Chad is going to reject Andre’s plan, believing that the idea is completely ludicrous. He has made it clear to Abby that he plans to stay right by her side, and he doesn’t seem to think Andre’s idea is viable. Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Andre will find a way to move ahead anyway.

Andre will be strapping Chad into the DiMera brainwashing machine to force him to move ahead on the proposed plan. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that during Friday’s show, Chad will break up with Abby. She will be suspicions about why he’s doing this, and actor Billy Flynn has teased fans that this split is just a temporary bump in the road for “Chabby.” However, for now, this fan favorite couple is hitting yet another rough patch.

There is good news coming for Abby in Wednesday’s episode, though. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will be getting some good news of some sort about baby Thomas. Despite being born quite prematurely and under less-than-ideal conditions, it sounds as if the little guy is doing well, and Abby can breathe a sigh of relief on that front.

Will Chad and Abby make it through this next challenge without losing one another? How does Hope convince Rafe she didn’t shoot Malcolm? There is plenty of drama on the way, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action ahead on Days of Our Lives.

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