Duggar Cousin Amy Says She Wants To ‘Throw A Middle Finger Up In The Air’ But Is Trying Kindness First

The Duggar family’s cousin Amy says that she is fed up with cyber bullying and wants to “throw a middle finger up in the air” at all of the Duggar haters but is trying a more peaceable approach first.

Amy King recently updated her blog and touched on a topic that the Duggars are very familiar with, online haters. Amy notes that since the premiere of 19 Kids and Counting, she has struggled with the topic of cyberbullying and learned that many people would “hide behind their computer screens” and attack her for being fat, ugly or an “attention whore.” Amy says she tries to “turn the other cheek” when it comes to these types of bullies but that sometimes she really just wants to give the attacker a piece of her mind. So what advice does Amy King have for others suffering the effects of cyber bullying?

In her latest blog post on Dill and Duggs, Duggar cousin Amy tackles the topic of cyberbullying. Amy notes that she knows a thing or two about cyberbullying as she has been the victim of these types of attacks since the first season of 19 Kids and Counting aired. Amy says she has been called every name in the book and that it affected her greatly in the beginning.

“I’ve been called every name in the book and it used to really bother me a lot. I remember when the first season of 19 Kid’s and Counting premiered and all of a sudden there were ‘hate groups’ calling me fat, fake, ugly, or an attention whore. I can’t tell you how many nights black tears would just roll down my face at night. All I wanted was to delete my Instagram and Twitter. I received so many low blows that I was beginning to think less of myself. I was beginning to believe their lies.”

However, Amy King says she soon learned to ignore the comments and realized that the people writing these hateful words were likely miserable themselves.

“You don’t have to believe all the terrible things people say about you. They are the ones who are miserable with themselves. Whoever types offensive comments on the internet is a coward. They have probably been bullied themselves and so they want to lash out to hurt you.”

Duggar cousin Amy says that the best thing you can do when confronted with cyberbullying is to ignore it. She says that responding with love instead of hate is a better answer despite the fact that many days she just wants to “throw a middle finger up in the air” at the hater. In fact, Amy says that one day she may just do that, but, for now, she is trying kindness first.

To prepare herself each day, Amy says that she first prays for a shielded heart and improved self-control before she even opens any of her social media accounts. The Duggar cousin says this helps her prepare for negative comments in a way that is constructive instead of destructive. Amy King also says that we must also show kindness to those of different religions saying, “we do not have to share the same religious beliefs to be kind to people” and that you are beautiful no matter your “color of skin, size or religion.”

It seems that Amy’s Duggar cousins could probably use her advice right now as their new three-part special recently aired. For those who missed the first episode, the Duggar family addressed the issues plaguing their family following the Josh Duggar scandal.

What do you think of Duggar cousin Amy King’s cyberbullying advice? Do you think Amy is probably an “expert” in the area of dealing with cyberbullying thanks to her appearances on 19 Kids and Counting and her more outspoken nature?

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