Kids Asked If Santa Claus Could Be A Woman? Their Response Is Priceless

Santa Claus may be traditionally regarded as a big jolly fat guy with a beard and a huge belly that shakes when he laughs like a bowl of jelly, but have we got the gender of the greatest gift giver of all time completely wrong?

Could Santa Claus be a woman? That’s the unusual question that was poised to a group of kids who probably hadn’t been exposed to such a festive brainteaser before.

But if Bruce can become Caitlyn, could Father Christmas become Mother Christmas? And would he get to keep his beard? It’s a tricky one, but according to The Mirror, children from the UK were asked if, come Christmas Eve, they thought the all-important job of delivering presents could be entrusted to a woman sleigh driver.

After all, women are always boasting how much better they are than men when it comes to multitasking, so delivering a world’s worth of present in one night should be a doodle compared with the hustle and bustle of the school run.

The question was part of social experiment conducted by Anomaly, and as usual with children who haven’t been scared into answering a question truthfully, the responses, which have been posted on YouTube, were priceless.

One boy, no doubt worried about the female sense of navigation, didn’t feel a woman could fulfill the role of Santa Claus because, “She would get lost in the sky.”

Another, no doubt concerned about the stress levels such a demanding role would have on the female of the species, said, “She would get a headache.”

Yet, one little girl appeared to empathize with the old adage that “woman’s work is never done,” and explained that the role would be too much for the already over-burdened woman, “If she had a baby, she would be trying to do the presents, taking care of the baby, giving it milk…”

However, many of the kids believed that not only could a woman fill the shoes of Santa Claus, but she would do it better.

One boy argued that a woman’s figure would be an advantage.

“I reckon the lady Santa would be much better because she could fit down the chimneys quickly.”

Another child added that a woman’s “can do” attitude would get more from Santa’s workforce of elves.

“I think she would be better at bossing around the elves.”

The video of the kids pondering if a woman could fulfill the role of Santa has generated the usual debate over gender roles.

One YouTube user wrote that, although valid issues were raised, as a rule of thumb, kids aren’t great when it comes to hypotheticals.

“Some valid issues highlighted there, but you also have to consider…kids generally aren’t good at considering hypotheticals.

“So to them, Santa is, and always has been, male. It’s like asking if a man could be the Fairy Godmother, or the evil Witch of the West, distinctly women characters.”

To date, no-one’s conducted a study to ask the kids to ponder if a wolf could fulfill Rudolph’s role, or if a snowman could me made out of fire, or if Santa’s sleigh could be replaced with a white van, or, here’s the starter for a million dollars, if Jesus Christ really existed? But give it time…..

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)