Summer Travel Deals Hard To Find? Not If You Look Closely

With the kids on summer vacation, the ice cream and cool drinks in the fridge, it’s time to plan your summer vacation. And, if you’re looking for summer travel deals, they may not be as hard to find as you’d expect.

With gas prices expected to go down this summer, reaching $3 or less by Thanksgiving, the focus can shift to rental cars, airfare, and hotels (or for the more adventurous, camping rates).

So, when planning your summer budget, there are a few things to remember. One, according to The Ledger-Enquirer, is to look up a local travel agent. Some of you are probably asking if travel agents even exist anymore. Yes, they do, and they know the great deals (it is their job, after all). The Ledger Enquirer reports that Donna Comer of Travels by Donna stated:

“People do continue to use agents — wise people. We want to save you money and have the best value for everything… We’re very knowledgeable about what we do. It’s all we do.”

Comer works with cruises, car rentals, group tours, destination weddings, airline tickets, and corporate travel. Of cruises, sht states that:

“You can go as low or as high as you want to spend. You can get an inside room and enjoy the cruise as much as everyone else. It could be a budget-conscious trip for people.”

For those who are opting for a summer road trip, USA Today has a selection of the ten best apps to help you on your journey. They include Pocket, YP Local Search and Gas Prices, iPatrol Travel Advice, GoSelect, iSunBurn, Swim Guide, and more, each with their own suggestions for how to use them.

Buffalo News reports that, in looking for summer travel deals, Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor at, states that:

“They don’t have a set destination in mind but say, ‘Where can we go that fits within our budget?'”

They have some suggestions to avoid higher prices, such as taking less direct flights, staying at a less fancy hotel, or even going to “winter destinations” like Aspen, Colorado and Cancun, as they will have cheaper prices during the off-season, but still have different activities, like hiking and festivals.

Are you planning a road trip this summer? If so, where do you find the best summer travel deals?