‘Trove’ Updates With New Chloromancer Class, Lower Stun Duration In PvP

As the roster of available classes grows in Trove, new roles are starting to be represented in the game. With the release of the Revenant last month, players found themselves taunting and tanking. Today, the game is now home to the Chloromancer; a healer capable of aiding allies through support while still dealing damage.

The new Chloromancer class is available right now within the game for 8,000 Cubits, a currency earned in-game, or 1,050 Credits, purchased with real money. Players can also unlock this class for free by playing another MMORPG, RIFT, from Trion Worlds. The cross promotion between the two games includes several goodies to unlock in RIFT and the class unlock in Trove. Players can log in to RIFT and complete the "Blocked!" quest to unlock the Chloromancer class in Trove. Players will need to reach the capital cities of Meridian or Sanctum, depending on their faction, to pick up the quest. A few more details can be found at TrionWorlds.

The contents of the Flower Power Pack

Finally, the Flower Power Pack is also an option for gaining access to the Chloromancer. The Flower Power Pack, available for a limited time, includes the Chloromancer class, two unique costumes for the class, a fertilizer tome, and a Legendary Tome of Instagrowers as stated on the official site. The pack is just $10 for those looking to save a little money on the Chloromancer's costumes and the other contents of the pack.

The Trove store has also been updated with a new Winter Sale that includes a half-off discount to several of the costumes in the game. This includes, but is not limited to, the Bone Knight costume for the Knight, the Bee Trickster costume for the Fae Trickster, the Ghost Pirate costume for the Pirate Captain, and the Soulkeeper costume for the Tomb Raiser. This sale could end as early as next week, but it could go on until the next major update as well. That update is not planned until after the New Year.

A few of the costumes on sale for a limited time

Trove's latest update also raises the game's Mastery level, introduces Ice Giant invaders, alters how stuns function in PvP, and much more. The full patch notes, located on the official forums, indicate that the Mastery level is now 300, instead of 200. Ice Giants now attack players sporadically, and they drop Winter Giant Chests that can possibly contain new penguin allies. On the PvP side of things, stuns last 70 percent of their duration in PvP, the Ice Sage ultimate ability no longer lands on enemies that are dodging, and invulnerability granted for dodging lasts longer. Not to mention, players will need to get the killing blow at least once, capture a flag at least once, or return their team's flag once in order to receive full experience and Battle Box credit in a PvP match.

These PvP changes occur just a few days after the Battle Arena official released in Trove last week. One change, the ability to see how long a player must wait until they receive their next Battle Box, is especially helpful. PvP participants can simply type /getbattleboxinfo into their chat box while playing Trove to find out exactly how long they must continue to PvP before a Battle Box drops. As The Inquisitr reported, players can only earn so many Battle Box drops each week as determined by the player's Battle Factor. Players can increase their Battle Factor by leveling up their Battle Level or by purchasing the Battle Pack in the Trove store.

Voxel heroes in Trove still have time to complete their Winter Dragon ascension as well as find Snowfest Mystery Boxes all over the game. The Flower Power update will likely be the last major update of the year for Trove. Be sure to log in today to check out the new class, work on that new Mastery cap, or attempt to enjoy the newer PvP mode.

[Image via Trion Worlds]