Dwight Howard Not Happy With James Harden

Dwight Howard is not happy with his current situation with the Houston Rockets because he does not like playing second fiddle to James Harden, according to NBC Sports. With the team struggling at the beginning of the season, which ended up costing Kevin McMahon his job as the head coach, things have started getting ugly in the locker room. Howard has grown disenchanted with his third NBA team, especially since he is nowhere near being the focal point on offense. It has caused Dwight to look around at other available options. His heart is yearning for greener pastures to graze in.

Towards the start of the season, the Houston Rockets were so frustrated with what was going on the court that the players decided to call a players-only meeting. James Harden was a topic of interest. Reports stated that teammates were not too fond of how selfishly the former Arizona State Sun Devils guard was playing. Harden has long been known as someone that is more than eager to break out of an offensive system whenever he feels like going on shooting spree. Issues on the court have also caused teammates to grow tired of his aloofness off the court.

James Harden and Kobe Bryant
James Harden and Kobe Bryant [Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]Rumors are floating around that Dwight Howard was one of the loudest voices during the players-only meeting. The 6'11" center felt that James Harden was hurting the Houston Rockets more than he was helping them. Howard also believes that he is still one of the best players in the NBA and was not being given enough of a chance to contribute. Looking at the current stats, Dwight has a right to gripe. The eight-time NBA All Star is not even in the top four on the team in regard to shots taken. Harden, of course, is taking the most shots.

James Harden is not the first ball dominant guard that Dwight Howard has struggled to play alongside. A public war with Kobe Bryant was the biggest reason why Howard opted to walk away from the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency and join the Houston Rockets. Dwight even took less money to escape that situation. The 275 pound center was accustomed to being the franchise player after spending several years with the Orlando Magic. Howard didn't have someone demanding more shots and verbally dictating what he was supposed to do on the court. History lends credibility to the latest rumors about Dwight.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh
Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh [Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]Unhappy star players in the NBA usually spark trade rumors, according to Fox Sports. The hottest one concerning Dwight Howard is the one that has him being traded to the Miami Heat to form a new big three with Dwyane Wade, a formerly ball dominant guard who has learned to share on offense, and Chris Bosh, the athletic and versatile veteran forward that might be a perfect fit with Howard. Heat team president Pat Riley has been looking to unload rising center Hassan Whiteside. He also knows that Wade and Bosh are in their thirties and would love to contend for another championship before handing the reigns over to the younger players.

Since trades can be complicated in the NBA, Dwight Howard might not be moved by the deadline. That's not the end of the world for the Georgia native, though. Howard has a clause in his contract that enables him to become a free agent against this summer. The fact that he was willing to take less money to leave the Los Angeles Lakers means that Dwight might be willing to sacrifice the guaranteed contract to find a new NBA home. With the salary cap expected to make a huge jump next summer, it would not come as a shock if someone were to throw big money at Howard.

Do you think Dwight Howard will leave the Houston Rockets because of James Harden?

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