Howard Stern Ends Long Feud With Adam Sandler

Howard Stern always makes for a fascinating interviewer. No matter who he's interviewing -- whether it's an adult star or a high profile celebrity, he always gets his subject to reveal an interesting tidbit that they wouldn't otherwise say on air or in a television interview.

This time around, the tables were turned as Stern revealed a secret about himself. According to E!, actor Adam Sandler has been icing out the radio disc jockey for years. Sandler has been invited time and time again to come to Howard's radio show, and given Sandler's sense of humor, it seems like the two would get on swimmingly. Except, according to Howard, the two weren't exactly speaking to each other.

Howard Stern said that it was due to him constantly criticizing Sandler's movies throughout the years. Back in 2012, he imagined that this was the reason why Adam Sandler hasn't taken his invitation up, and as it turned out, when Sander showed up at the studio, Stern was right in his assumption.

Stern immediately apologized to the Big Daddy star when he sat down to be interviewed. This was a smart move by Stern because it seemed to clear the air so that the two can have an open and honest interview, a signature quality that Stern has cultivated for decades.

"I always felt bad about all the years we didn't speak. I really did because I was a total f*****g a**hole."
Sandler admitted that he was right in his assumption. "I would laugh when you would say it about other people. But I just didn't get it. I was like, wow, I thought you were literally gonna be my biggest supporter."
"That was after you were nasty to me and I remember the next day you talked about me being an a**hole again, but the reason I didn't say hello was you were saying s**t to me. And I was with my buddy…"
Sandler admitted that he was egged on by his famous friends to go on the Howard Stern show over the years, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. "And I just, from all the slamming over the years. And my friends would call me up, like, 'Oooh, well, did you hear what Howard said?'"

It's good to see these two buried the hatchet.

This ended feud is on the heels of more exciting news for Howard Stern. According to a new report by The Inquisitr, Stern has decided to sign with SiriusXM for five more years. Interestingly enough, while he decide to re-up his contract with the satellite radio, Stern decided to end his relationship with the talent show America's Go Talent.

The shock jock was a member of the judging panel for a number of years. In the end, he said he couldn't do it anymore because he didn't want to doll himself up for the cameras anymore.

"I thought it would be funny to go on a network television show and here I am- Fartman- and I would be on America's Got Talent and suddenly it would be interesting to see me juxtaposed with a family show. I'm sitting there with Howie Mandel and I'm looking at this guy and I go, 'Oh my god, here's a guy who has no hair, he's in his 60's and he's better looking than I am after my $100,000 wardrobe."
He went on to say the show was a depressing experience for him. That said, it looks like everyone is celebrating his new contract.[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]