Everything 'GTA V' Fans Need To Know About The New Player-Owned Yachts From This Week's Free Online DLC

After first announcing that a new content update was in the works for Grand Theft Auto V last week, Rockstar Games has now officially released the free DLC across all current-gen platforms. Of all the new features added to GTA Online alongside the new add-on, which the developer fully detailed on the Rockstar Newswire blog, the biggest addition gives players to own their own high-end yacht.

Gamers have always been able to own their own property within Grand Theft Auto V, such as personal living quarters, but this week's "Executives and Other Criminals" update gives wealthy players the ability to purchase their own personal yacht. These large-scale boats include all the amenities that users have come to expect from apartments in GTA V.

VIP bodyguards defending the new GTA V Super Yacht
GTA Online players can fill their personal yachts with bodyguards [Image via Rockstar Games]
"For the ultimate room with a view, players will have the option to purchase a single Super Yacht from the Docktease website. Yachts function as floating apartments and come fully staffed with your own personal captain to shift the boat between your choice of 12 scenic mooring locations around Los Santos and Blaine County, and a bartender to serve drinks for you and your guests."
GTA Online players can also call on the the vessel's captain for several other services in addition to simply moving the yacht around to anchor at various spots in the waters that surround Los Santos. Providing several benefits to yacht owners, the captain can also deliver any of the various vehicles attached to the boat delivered directly to fans. This gives gamers the option of having helicopters and the docked watercraft that come with the boat dropped off to their current position.

Of course, these services do come a premium, but anyone able to actually purchase one of Grand Theft Auto V's new yachts likely don't have to worry too much about costs because only richest players will be able to even afford one of the new massive boats to begin with. As reported by VG/247, the most expensive of the player-owned yachts come with a base price of $8 million.

Rockstar Games gives GTA Online fans the ability to further personalize their yacht, and these optional features can further drive up the cost. Yacht owners can customize their floating apartment by selecting new paint schemes or installing special lighting.

"Choose from a range of designs, with higher-end yachts featuring hot tubs, and additional complimentary transport options including helicopters and personal watercraft. Name your vessel and personalize it with a custom flag, hull color and a variety of lighting options. Each Yacht comes equipped with an anti-air defense system to help protect against unwanted attacks from rival Organizations and other Freemode attackers."
Fortunately for those who haven't amassed a small fortune in Grand Theft Auto Online, the new DLC also adds several new land-based properties to the game. Gamers can choose to show off their affluence with the still expensive, but more reasonably priced, new stilt houses found in GTA V's luxurious Vinewood Hills neighborhood. To give players the opportunity to own one of these new houses, this week's update also increased the game's property limit which now lets users own a total of five properties. Giving GTA Online players even more options for places to call home, the new Super Yacht doesn't even count against the limit.

GTA V add-on car
The GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals DLC also adds new cars [Image via Rockstar Games]The "Executives and Other Criminals" update also adds plenty of other features for fans to enjoy in GTA Online. Gamers can now find new vehicles, weapons, and clothing items in the game. The free DLC also introduced a new competitive Adversary Mode that challenges one team to protect a VIP while their opponents attempt to eliminate them.

Can you afford GTA V's new Super Yacht or will you have to save up to own you own luxury boat?

[Image via Rockstar Games]