Vytas Baskauskas Banned From 'Survivor: Cambodia' Reunion Show: What Happened?

It is almost time for the season finale of Survivor: Cambodia, and now it turns out that Vytas Baskauskas will not be allowed to come to the finale. This means you won't be seeing him on the stage or even in the audience. This all comes out after Vytas was the first one sent home this season. Now Vytas is revealing on social networks that Survivor doesn't want him back for the finale. Enstarz shared all of the details about what happened and why Vytas Baskauskas won't be back for the finale on CBS.

This news came out today when Vytas replied to Jeff Probst on Twitter. Jeff simply posted a random post, but Vytas replied, saying, "Great season through and through. Bummed I'm not invited to participate in the finale with all my castmates!" The fans started to go a bit crazy saying that they want Vytas there and don't understand it. Most of the people responding to him on Twitter are not okay with the way that things went down and hoped Vytas would be on the show this week.

One person commented that Vytas was actually on social networks and liking things on Instagram before he should have been home yet, which was a huge spoiler and CBS could be upset about this happening. Vytas tried to defend this by saying it was actually his assistant who did it by accident and that he didn't even have his phone at that point yet. Vytas is insisting that the contract doesn't say that other people can't run their social media and that is all that happened in this case.

Vytas Baskauskas shared that he actually went home early so he could spend time with his son. Vytas didn't leave Survivor, but was actually the first one kicked off. He should have stuck around for a while before heading home, but Vytas didn't do that and instead wanted to go home and see his child. He made the decision to head back to the United States even though it could end up spoiling part of the game if fans found out.

Normally if you are kicked off before the jury then you shouldn't be headed back to the United States to be spotted and give out spoilers. Fans of this show know when filming is going on and watch the players every single move. It sounds like Vytas flew home early and this could have been a breech in his contract with CBS. That might be the reason that they do not want him to come back for the reunion show.

When all of the contestants come on stage, Vytas Baskauskas will not be there at all. Nobody knows what will be said about this or if Jeff Probst will just ignore it. Vytas made it very obvious that he would have been happy just hanging out in the audience and seeing who won the show, but that won't even be allowed. Vytas realizes that this is his fault for leaving early, but really wanted CBS to reconsider. His son is just one year old, and he wanted to be home with him instead of clear across the country.

Are you shocked to hear that they will not even allow Vytas Baskauskas to come back to the finale? Do you think that CBS is being unfair? It is pretty easy to see that Vytas probably won't ever be invited back to play another season of the show. Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the Survivor: Cambodia finale when it airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, followed by the live reunion show at 10 p.m.

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