Amy Winehouse Snorts Cocaine on Video, Or Something

Okay, this video is a little better, but you get the idea. Amy's blundered into another another mess by forgetting not to allegedly indulge in the illegal stuff around... well, anyone. News of the World continues:

"Amy was filmed at The Monarch pub in Camden last month while standing in front of a Union Jack flag. Desperate for a fix, the singer is seen snorting the cocaine off a CD case in full view of partygoers."

Since Amy's headed towards rehab right now (well, sort of), nobody's too surprised, except for Blake Fielder-Civil's mom. Georgette Civil commented that "Enough is enough" and that "Rehab clinics are a waste of money, unless you want them to work. Amy doesn't want to give up drugs, so she's got to learn the hard way in prison." Amy needs something, for sure, but the big shocker to me was that someone took the time to record a video of TMZ's clip. Now that's dedication!